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David Snape Show 28/2/20 – Is Maths my future plus interview with Christina



Welcome to the David Snape Show. On the show this week:
We talk about how my maths could be a potential pathway for future projects. We also discuss an inspirational man who has helped loads of people via his Youtube Videos.
As well as a great variety of music, we got Fleetwood Mac – Rumours on the Vinyl Verdict. Events guide and local amazing stories.
We also have an interview with Christina who we met via the Bourne Family Forum Mentorship programme. As we discuss our autism’s and how charities have helped both of us.
Hope you enjoy the show.

David Snape radio Show #4

Thank you very much for everyone who has listened to the show and for all those taking part. 

On the next show, I will be talking about ten years of YouTube. What’s your favourite Yotuube video? Do you use the site a lot for programmes, music or laugh out loud moments?

You can also request songs for the show if you fancied.

I have been thinking bout possible extending the show to two hours long but I haven’t made a decision yet. Might make that decision after show #5.

Listen to my show Tuesday 8pm GMT and Thursday 8pm GMT only on SouthWaves Radio.