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Women as builders by Crystaltots

Women are the builders of lives and destinies. It’s our sole duty to choose mates with high value status in terms of morals for the sake of our offspring.
Raise strong respectful men who will know the value of women and how to treat them and women who stand by their husbands come what may. Sadly the race to be Mrs. Somebody makes women settle for less and when you decide to go against the norm you are blamed.
A cue should be taken from men of the Stone Age though barbaric they protected their women, had high values and morals.
Despite the women and girls barely covering their womanly parts rape was seen as a highly dishonorable crime but these days even a fully clad woman is raped and blamed for her misfortune.
A man may marry the wrong woman and get away with it simply by divorcing her and moving on to the next woman. A woman marrying the wrong man jeopardizes her future and that of the children if she gets divorced and is forced to raise the children on her own. The kids will not be psychologically balanced due to lack of a complete family structure and she becomes a bitter woman.
“The kids need their father and mother to grow up into grounded adults.”


Women for the love of your children do not get married to just anyone, be sure you are ready to stay with your spouse come what may; either he gets so broke, or so sick or so annoying but do ensure he is morally sound.
“You swore for better for worse so stick to your words but before you say those words ensure it is not because you feel you are running out of time or that your girlfriends have all become mummies. Truth is everyone has a different time frame for their race in this life.”

If you can’t see yourself with that man in at least the next fifty years whether he is broke, potbellied with his guts spilling out or sick and confined to a wheel chair annoying you with babyish demands and rants then stay put.


“Yes he may give you the best wedding but will he give you the best marriage? Years from now will he choose you again all over or will he regret his decision because life’s realities brought out the real you and not the fantasy woman he fell in love with.”

I met two sisters the elder one has so little self-esteem while the younger one’s eyes look funny like she is going blind. Every time I see them roam around, I wonder why so I made my findings and discovered that their mother left their father because his meagre earning as a motorcyclist was not sufficient for her lifestyle.
She left him with her two young girls and went after a more comfortable man. The younger got sick with measles almost went blind while the elder one lost her self-confidence since there was no one to shower her with the love she needed to hone her confidence.
In my little way I have tried to befriend them so I can inspire them to be better.
Our electrician also told us of how his wife left him to be with a richer man since his business took a down turn, he said he can’t take care of their young kids on his own since he needs to go out there to source for their livelihood.
Do not bring messed up kids to this world because when the home front is messed up you have a frustrated husband and kids with low self-esteem.
“Women I beseech you stop marrying for the sake of being Mrs. Somebody rather marry because you are ready and willing to sacrifice what it takes to bear that title.

Remember we were crafted to be the helpmate, home maker and a mother not just to our children but to everyone.”

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