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David Snape Shpw 17.1.20 – Playstation Vr live test and Butterfield Day Care Centre



Welcome to the David Snape Show, your essential radio show for Bourne and the surrounding areas. On this weeks show:
I do a review of my Playstation 4 and do a radio first, giving you a gameplay insight of the Playstation Vr with help from Gran Turismo Sport.
Local focus this week focuses on the Butterfield Day Care Centre in Bourne with an interview with Jennifer Peel about some exciting future plans.
Mentions and celebrating lots of local stories.
Vinyl Verdict – Elton John – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road plus my thoughts on the film, Rocketman.
Hope you enjoy the show.

Do you spend too much time on the internet??

From reading the brilliant new Yahoo News Digest, I came across some pretty odd news over in Korea. It was people over there spend so much time on the internet and gaming, that some people are running classes that prevents them from using the internet and do so many fun things that maybe people do when the internet was not created yet.

I do understand over in Korea that technology is huge over there, we would even like to have their internet speed which is so much faster than what I got, I would be happy to pay my entire salary for faster broadband. But what the story is about in fact, is they are now starting to have two lanes for walking, one of those lanes is for people who keep texting on their phones for too bloody long.

I think it is bonkers but it does make a point. Some local areas we just have a walking lane and a cycle lane. It does prove a message that you should always keep your eyes in front of you, instead of commenting on a picture of Beyoncé, pregnant and saying OMG!!!! I think it’s just as worse as texting when driving, it could make you do multitasking but it’s a dangerous one.

From one the videos i saw, the mother was having a condition or something to help her not being addicted to the internet, while her son, who plays games on the tablet, laptop etc… for about 4 hours a day says he hasn’t got a problem at all. Well you might be busy playing Minecraft or whatever the equivalent is but mums know best, really.

In the past, I admit I was a big gamer, I wanted to play on it more than looking for jobs, probable age 17-18. I still am a big gamer now and using my iPad has changed my life loads but with work and bills on top of it, actually playing a few times a week or less than in the past, makes you feel more excited when playing. There are plenty of people out there with their Jeremy Kyle lifestyle and benefit Britain that might be in this category of using Facebook 24/7, just get a job, it will change your life.

Do you use Tech a lot? Can you find alternatives to internet? Can we live in this world without internet? Is Facebook, video games, internet etc are they good or bad?

Pursuit for Racing Perfection – Gran Turismo 5

I have always been a fan of the Gran Turismo series of games and there has been many games over the past to keep this game series on top of the list. However with increasing competition, this series may not become the definitive racing game of all time. This was the first game for the playstation 3 and when I bought the console last year, this was the first game I bought, with keen interest into this first HD game that the series has done.

It showcases what it try and brings with a long movie, showing how a car is being born and not in a womb obviously and then having it’s usual game footage and it looks a good start, until you get into the menu.

The main menu looks clear with some small logos and then you enter the Gran Turismo mode and it looks like a failed jigsaw puzzle with titles bigger than the others. You can’t see all the cars in the game, the used car section will keep changing every time you progress through the game. And the cars itself, is a bit like racism. The premium cars will have all the detail including the on board stuff, the standard cars get bugger all, dull colours and the onboard has nothing at all, just a blank space. In all said, the graphics isn’t the best either and is very much lacking the quality of Forza Motorsport. Pretty bad start don’t you think.

But this is a racing game and what the series does so well is pure racing. Driving the cars is still a real pleasure to drive, even with the infinity amount of options available to tune and improve the car. There are always loads of ways to use the driving aids and some you may prefer more than others. Fantastic as it is but it isn’t without it’s flaws. Remember when you hit the car ahead and it’s like bumper cars? That’s still there and it’s annoying when you consider that Forza has a damage system that works beautifully and maybe the sound is a bit unpredictable and the AI, I am just not too sure if it’s good enough. You could still give the driving top marks though.

The main career mode has been split between an A mode and a B mode. The A mode is were you do all the driving, B mode is were you become a team manager and call all the orders out. Both modes have the same events but B mode has it’s race with twice the number of laps which can be a bit annoying. Another thing which I would love them to do is the work rate on B mode is that they can get calm too quickly and you constantly need them to pick themselves up a bit which will make it better racing. The competitions are challenging and add some challenge into them. The amount of tracks you can race on his pretty good with loads of variety and some new tracks which becomes a nice feature.

The special events feature takes you on something very different. In Karting you would need to keep the speed up as much as you can to succeed. Oval requires a much smoother driving style and you could really use the draft to pick up speed, I would use the steering wheel for that. Rally events have got completely random tracks involved like a proper rally stage which add some spice to it. You can also create your own tracks but you don’t create the tracks, you just tell what corners you want, how hilly, how complex and how long the track will be. The licences are still there, getting hold is that little bit easier.

This is a game which potentially could be magnificent, however it’s a fantastic driving game but with some many errors and things to improve on, that I become a bit disappointed at the same time. It is defiantly not racing perfection, is far from it, I would say that Forza Motorsport has overtaken Gran Turismo as the best racing game at the moment, I wold love Gran Turismo to fight back and fight back hard.