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Defining autism through scenarios and my exeperience by David Snape 

Hello everyone, you may have noticed this is my first article for a very long time. I have mostly been advertising other peoples post on the site and it has been an absolutely wonderful experience to share other people’s talents every day and finding them new followers along the way. Today, I want to talk more openly about autism, using my experience and how I tried to help others along the way.

Yesterday, I can across two very different messages, I won’t mention them names on here but I will describe each one and how I answered them at the time.

The first was a scenario. We have a male and a young boy, both with autism, one is a fully grown adult in his 30’s and has a girlfriend. The young boy has just turned 10 at the time. The adult has described the young boy as his ‘twin brother’ that ‘he is the peak of paradise for me’ and ‘I am ready to live all my life by his side and die.’ And according to one eyewitness, described them hugging too much. The question that has asked by me was ‘Is this normal for autistic people to be like this?’ 

Now firstly, what we all need to understand is the autistic mind works very differently to people without autism. At first glance, I find the story quite sweet. People with autism do struggle with communication and making friends as a result, so this could be quite a special bond between the two. It reminds me of one of my favourite books I’ve read this year called ‘A boy made of blocs.’ This is about a relationship between a father and his autistic son, an absolute brilliant read, I would highly recommend you reading the book if you want to learn more about day-to-day life with an autistic son and compare the experiences. 

Some people who would see these two people hugging too much would find it a bit strange but for me, one way to think about it is learning more about autism itself and how different levels could affect everyone. Not everyone with autism will have the same condition, some would require more attention that others. Level 1 means it requires support for social communication and interaction with difficulty switching between different activities. Level 2 means it requires substantial support with behaviour, coping with change and difficulty or distress in changing focus or action. Level 3 means it requires very substainal support with greater difficulties in social, behaviour and change. Some would even need 24 hour care and may need help with everyday like eating, getting changed etc..

For me, communication has been a very big learning curve and I was more slower in developing than others. Maybe I have been more independent than I think I am, who knows. The job as a postman has been a huge benefit in that, especially seeing either everyday people or work colleagues, I can’t thank them enough with that. I don’t particularly like change myself but it happens, even if you want to try and develop myself overall to be a better person. More on that later.

The 2nd scenario was a voice call and the person was telling me that her daughter age 4. She has just been recently diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), he had a look at my blog and wanted to ask questions to hear my story on my experiences. I will tell you what I told him on that call.

I was a similar age when I was diagnosed with autism. I would have no control of myself whatsoever, even became physically agreesive towards my parents without knowing what I did. It hurts me thinking about it now, even though I’m the sort of person know that loves to help others and wouldn’t hurt others. 

My primary school days, I always had a learning support assistant by my side called Mrs Palmer. We still keep in contact for a yearly meeting whenever we can as a catch up. My development have been very slow although I did have a specialist subject, being Maths. Most people with autism will show an interest in something and have knowledge that can be truly amazing. The support from Mrs Palmer has been incredible, can’t thank her enough. 

One of the biggest challenges was finding a secondary school that I could cope with at the time. One of the usual secondary schools would be a bit manic, full of activity and I just wouldn’t be able to cope. So instead, there was a very good alternative, a 20 minute drive was The Priory school in Spalding, a school based around special needs teenagers. It did have educational purposes but later in the years, more life skills was thrown in the mix and that proved very valuable in the future. Once again can’t thank the school enough for some of the best memories as a teenager.

The biggest change in myself was coming into my 20’s when I felt like I belonged in this world and my confidence was slowly building up and finding myself a very different, more complete person as a result. The person from the other side mentioned that the way I spoke and talking, it didn’t feel like I had autism at all. It was wonderful to hear the compliments and it has only grow more confidence in me as a result but this is how I am now and a very different challenge for me to tackle.

The reason why I haven’t been doing the podcast/ video blogs at the present time is because I am recovering from depression. I do have help which I am talking to each week as a way of opening up if it’s positive or negative news. A small part was due to previous relationships, a much bigger chunk was due to sadness, feeling lonely in big groups and how events in the past can still linger inside you. However, there are ways I can tackle it and it involves both physically and mentally.

Physically, I was thinking about activities that are both a benefit to me and something enjoyable as a result. I purchased a bike in which I do cycling rides when the weather is nice outside. I also do morning exercises via the Fitstar app, connected to my Fitbit. Recently, I decided to push myself and see how far I could jog without the need for water. That took me to a village called Dyke and into Northorpe. The result was 9.9miles in over 1hour 30mins. I was honestly speechless that I was a few miles off a half marathon. That gave me insipiration to join a local running group in which I had my first training lesson last night, something I would defiantly join again.

Mentally, is finding stuff to do like joining the running group and having the weekly talking sessions to get the feelings out of me. I have also gone back into online dating and had meet some great people as a result. Would that lead to a relationship? Who knows. If it’s just a friendship, then I am more than happy with that still. 

The thing for me that keeps me going is the power of positivity, things that keep me happy in life and how I can always give it 110% each and every day. Autism will always stay with but that doesn’t mean I can live my life to the full and show everyone that it isn’t the end of the road and inspire people along the way as well. There is too much shit going on in this world that could make us feel worried, depressed and low as a result. Together, let’s make this world a better place, spread the autism word around and help as many individuals as possible along the way.

Thank you very much for reading this post. Please do like, comment and share this post so that we can spread the message around. If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact me on here or via by email address davidsnape2@gmail.com

I will look forward to hearing from you. Bye 😃😃 xx

This Week Podcast Episode 1

Welcome to my all new podcast where myself and the amazon echo, Alexa, dive into the news stories and try to make sense of it all.
We will talk about:
Start of Brexit negotiations
An unlikely partnership
Are police cuts to blame for the recent UK terror attacks?

Hope you enjoy. Please give it a like and comment and share if possible.

My points of view – Issue 2

It’s already been a long week and me and mum want to have a long sleep and forget about the world, hard workers we are and even if I do say no, they probable get you to do more work. Is my voice heard? Am I in a dream or not? Anyway whatever Thank God is Friday LOL.

United Kingdom Saved

All the news has been about the Scottish independence and the no vote has won with a 55% majority. I was sad though because both the early morning programmes at 5 o clock was all about Scotland, Where’s Jeremy Kyle, i was a bit pissed off.

Over the 2 years of hard fought campaign, that made well over 80% of people to turn up and vote which is fantastic. From the many people that voted no, there was a hell of a lot of people voted yes and that does show great democracy. I was really please to hear about so many 16-17 year olds having a vote as well which means they can influence the outcome. I would encourage many younger voters to ditch David Cameron if possible on the general election.

Alex Hammond did produce a hard fought battle, he has accepted defeat and is now steeping down as first minister. I do believe though he is a lot better than Alistair Darling who was a useless chancellor and probable this was a consultation victory to him and Gordon Brown. I do hope that more powers will be given to Scotland as I still consider this a win-win situation.

We as a United Kingdom are a proud nation, who has been saved by the Scottish public. We have had Romans, Vikings, Tudors, Latvians and Polish who have invaded or still trying to anyway but we are still standing. With the many tourist attractions, places to visit and some of the most friendly people in this world, I am proud to be living in a United Kingdom.

Is staying as a United Kingdom the right thing to do? Are you surprise with the result? Do you get bored with this referendum?


There have been many surprising statistics that can only go one way, higher and higher. Websites have gone past a billion in total, gosh, the World Wide Web will need to spin faster to keep up, the spider has already trapped the millennium bug for 14 years now to keep hiding. There are so many sites to choose from which goes from shopping, news and sport, games, education and social media among others. You could probable type any name on Google and you will find something instantly.

You can probable think of many things though that have more than websites. How about people on this earth? We have about over 6 billion people at the moment. By 2100, that figure could go as high as 11 billion people and that is because of the high birth rates in Africa. That could cause various problems over the years to come and the climate change fiasco could be a problem but who worries about that, yet????

What has been your favourite website? Can we ever get enough websites to fit all in the World Wide Web? Do you think things will change by the end of the century? Is Climate change a good thing?

Shocking news

We all love to play our games but now it seems like that Women are more into games than men. Yes, you heard me right!!!!! The reason why, apparently, is that the majority of 25-44 year olds will play free puzzle games and trivia. So that would mean they will play Candy Crush or Bubble witch Saga. My mum does like to have a Candy Crush moment and it seems like her friends are into the same thing as well.

So you see, gaming isn’t all because of your Xbox and Playstation, with the many apps on your phone and tablet, gaming has become more accessible to the whole generation not just youngsters. I think the iPad releasing something like Bioshock for example is such a great idea because it was a great game at the time and you can still experience great graphics on a smaller device.

Do you play Candy Crush or Bubble Witch saga? Are there a lot of female gamers around? Do you prefer puzzles or Action or Sport games? What is your favourite game?

Something completely different

When I saw this today, I didn’t know whether to laugh or feel sad for the guy but I just laugh anyway. This was a guy over in Perth, Australia who was live on tv getting the first iPhone 6, opening it and then dropping the phone on the floor and hearing groans from others all around. Luckily the phone did work so thank god for that. I drop my mobile hundreds of times and it is still working believe it or not but it is a Blackberry and hopefully a new phone is close away.

The next story I gave a rise smile to, while the guys are busing dig hunting, a bit like Time Team, I don’t know, they encountered two skeletons really holding hands with each other for 700 years. Ain’t it cute though, were they lovers? Best friends? Or sparing partners? I will leave this to your imagination.

One of the most love children shows, Dangermouse is returning to the UK screens and the actor who will play Dangermouse is no other than Alexander Armstrong. Alex who was been more into his comedy roles and also presenter of the game show Pointless, is replacing the great David Jason as the main character in this show that kinda represents more of a child’s version of James Bond. I am delighted to have him as an actor and he will do really well in this role.

Have you dropped a phone and broke it, or even lost it? Do you remember Dangermouse? What are your memories of this classic show?

Remember this is your blog as well and you can answer any of the questions in this section and if you find any stories you would like me to mention next time or maybe in the weekly What the #### section than please feel free to leave a comment and I shall look forward to hearing from you. See you