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Khan Academy app Preview

To produce an app that says that you can learn everything is a pretty bold statement to make. You may think it’s an alternative to Apples iTunes U which does something similar, however they are more for the advance stages of education. With Khan academy, it allows for more younger grades of subjects.

The main subjects from the front page are maths, science and finance with various grades, assignments and videos, hints and tips to help you through. There are various partners that have exclusive content as well as help with applying for college and interviews.

I’ve been working through various Maths subjects and exercises from grades 6 and 7. These exercises consists of if you get the first one right or the first two right or if you get the first one wrong, you would learn and make the next five answers right.

You will get points at the end of each exercise with the fun, green creature as a logo. It is great to get back into maths and you can use the space to work out your answers. However, on the graph questions, I couldn’t answer because they didn’t show it which is a shame.

What I would like to see in the next few weeks if the range of exercises from the different subjects and hopefully get a few updates in. This potentially could be brilliant but let’s wait and see.