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David Snape Show 15.1.21 – Changing the shows DNA plus interview with Graham Sclater

Welcome to the David Snape Show.

This week, David talks about an exciting new challenge on next weeks show and how it could be the future of the show, if its a success. Next week will be 2 hour’s of non-stop music, lets called the Ultimate, Ultimate Mixtape.

On the Corona Diaries, David asks the question, Should we have tougher restrictions in this lockdown? Also, what would be included if David does his own autobiography.

We talk to Graham Sclater, a great friend of the show, on his step by step tips for anyone who wants to write their very own book/story.

We end the show with the Ultimate mixtape with tracks from Bryan Adams, The Who and Eminem.

Hope you enjoy the show.


David Snape Show – David’s Top 20 songs of 2020

Welcome to a special edition of the David Snape Show.

This is where David counts down his top 20 songs of 2020. Some songs will have explicit lyrics in them as a word of warning.

Hope you enjoy the show.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year