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Have you lost your mind! by Jamie Alger

My mind screams, “Think, think, think!”

My heart says, “Stop and feel.”

My mind yells, “Figure it out!”

My heart says, “It will come in time.”

My mind shouts, “Do something!”

My heart shrugs, “Let it go.”

My mind tells me, “Be afraid.”

My heart tells me, “You are safe.”

My mind tells me we’re different.

My heart tells me we’re the same.

My mind tells me, “Doubt.”

My heart tells me, “Trust.”

My mind says, “Get serious.”

My heart says, “Go play.”

My mind offers an opinion.

My heart offers peace.

My mind makes me its servant.

My heart makes me its queen.

Have you lost your mind?

I hope so.

If you want to visit his site, go to http://risewithjamie.com/2015/05/27/heart-is-home/