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David Snape Show – 8th January 2021 – Childhood Memories and the Ultimate Mixtape

Welcome to the David Snape Show for 2021.

We will ease you into the new year as I talk about some childhood memories, from gunning down houses of Final Fantasy VII to the laughter that was SM:TV Live with Ant, Dec and Cat.

There is a bumper Corona Diaries this week as we record before and after Christmas with the recent changes. We also go into the new lockdown mesaures as well and give all of us a bit of encouragement.

As well as record of the week and the new artists triple threat, I am very excited to bring a new feature to the show called The Ultimate Mixtape. Non-stop tunes to take us all to the end of the show. You can hear from the likes of Boney M, Chic Crowded House and Gerry & the Pacemakers in this weeks edition.

Hope you enjoy the show.

David Snape

David & Christina Show Episode 34 – Includes interviews with Andrew Nebel MBE, Harlan Ilett & Emily Wagg

Welcome to the David & Christina Show.

On this busy show this week, David gives an update on the US election as well as some tips for lockdown 2.0 on the Corona Diaries.

David & Christina have both conducted all 3 interviews this week. First up, we have an important update with Andrew Nebel MBE on the latest with Lakeside Healthcare. Andrew goes onto saying: “ The future of Primary Care for patients of Lakeside Healthcare Stamford will be decided at 11.00 on Wednesday 11th November 2020 … ironically a day when we remember so many past sacrifices …when the Primary Care Commissioning Committee of Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group will accept or reject the proposal to close St Mary’s surgery. They have over 500 pages of evidence to consider … a big part of which I’m pleased to say is the submission  we, the Patient Participation Group, have put together containing the views of hundreds of patients .
If we can save St Mary’s it will only stop our Healthcare getting worse… then the next challenge will be to make it better by planning a new primary care infrastructure that will serve Stamford’s growing population “.

Next up, we talk to Harlan Ilett who runs Cheer’s Thai in Walton, Peterborough. They cook authentic Thai food made with the help of naturally home grown ingredients. They are currently offering delivery throughout the whole of lockdown. You will need to message them via their Facebook page to pre-order your delivery slot.

Lastly, we interview Emily Wagg who is starting the process of beginning a charity where she make blankets for the homeless out of crisp packets. It has already gained huge attraction since its launch. She is an absolute inspiration and one not to be missed.

David will end the show with how little bits of joy and looking back on the 3 years since he started doing local radio, has made him become who he is today.

Hope you enjoy the show.

David & Christina x

David & Christian Show Episode 33 – Facebook dating plus interviews with Keith Busfield and Short Sharp Scratch

Welcome to the David & Christina Show.

In the beginning chat, David talks about some of the new features that Royal Mail are doing to collect returned parcels. Christina gives her thoughts on the brand new Facebook dating and how you can deliver the perfect profile to help secure that big date.

On the Corona Diaries, David discusses his love for books and possible new ways to celebrate Halloween.

Keith Busfield makes a return to the show as he talks about another of his charities, Cards For Good Causes Stamford. This is one of many around the UK and helps support more than 250 UK and local charities. They will be having an open door very shortly, the perfect place to find the perfect Christmas card for all your friends and family.

David interviews Jak Chantler from a band called Short Sharp Scratch. Jak has worked alongside Charlie Adam and Steve Albini in the past and he also performed in high profile events for James Corden and Gordon Ramsey. He has worked with legendary artist, Jocelyn Brown during lockdown and had an amazing experience. We will also playthe bands new single ‘ Do you like it’ after the interview.

Hope you enjoy the show.

David & Christina x