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David Snape Show 14.12.18


Welcome to the David Snape Show, your essential radio show for Bourne and the surrounding areas. On this weeks show.
We talk about Christmas meals and what would be your perfect meal for Christmas Day.
Your events guide for the weekend and week ahead with some mentions.
I will do a feature about the Sleaford Mental Health Group which I was lucky to visit this week.
There will be an interview with Richard Pharrow from RHG Consultants, talk about the company/jobs and the employability course for young people.
Hope you enjoy the show.

Points of view – Issue 14

Another busy day at work and relaxing in bed. Thank you very much for all your likes and the recent comments that have been coming in. I know that there is no pictures in the news. I don’t want to attract copyright people to sue me for copy and pasting the images onto here. Always play it safe.

There seemed to be a time years ago when teenagers use to go out and do like a quick Saturday job like a paper round or something like that to earn some money to buy things or enjoy themselves πŸ˜ƒ. Now it looks like they are disappearing fast and now these 16-17 year olds are now using the bank of mum and dad to beg them and beg them loads.

I have to say I didn’t do a Saturday job when I was 16 but I do notice more teenagers on Saturdays that they would have had a long Friday night out and just want to get sleeping and sleeping till mid afternoon probable. I work on Saturdays now and I don’t mind it at all.

I think also that teenagers do rely on mum and dad a lot more than they think they do. I watched a recent series called Hotel of Mum and Dad where a pair of teenagers in blissful love who always rely on their parents, they have the opportunity to rent a house for a week and sort out virtually everything, like living in your own house. Great programme and it gets them something from a new perspective. Some teenagers even want to stay in the flat permanently afterwards. There is so much more in life when you learn life skills like cleaning, cooking and making sure you set up the bed properly.

I think though if the teenagers want a job then they could probable work at one of the fastest supermarkets of the year, Aldi of course hit Asda. Aldi are creating 35,000 jobs and are virtually doubling the number of stores in the UK.

I remember having an interview at Aldi and I asked the manager about the biggest challenge in the future and his answer seems to come to life now. Because I’ve been interviewed at Aldi when the recession was really kicking in. The manager mentioned that there were loads more customers coming to Aldi because it was so much cheaper, the hardest part would be to keep those customers afterwards.

The economy is getting better and the customers are staying with Aldi. Which is great stuff because there’s too much competition going on with Asda and the calamity of Tesco and their finances. Aldi is a breath of fresh air and I would love the young guys to be the new faces as well in Aldi.

I will leave this little section with a plea. There was a front page story on one of the newspapers this week saying that us English people are too lazy and they hire foreign workers to get the job done. Don’t be one of those guys, make a living, earn some good money and do yourself proud πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ.

Now, this is the time of year were we start to see Christmas adverts coming through either on the TV or through the post, hopefully by me, fingers crossed πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒ. But it’s the tv adverts that are becoming so popular and could be crucial in terms of sales.

One of the companies that are exceeding with their adverts are John Lewis. Last year we had a bear and a rabbit, the bear feeling all alone and lonely and then was with joy of getting a gift and experiencing want Christmas is all about. The music was Lily Allen and somewhere only we know and it was an excellent choice.

Some adverts could well be over the top and showing a but too much, Argos seem to spring into mind I think. But hey, Christmas would be Christmas without the famous Coca Cola advert with the sparkling lorries, absolutely fantastic πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ.

Keeping with the Christmas sprit, there is going to be a fourth version of the famous song, Do They know it’s Christmas? Made famously by bandAid. This will be the 30th anniversary of the song which this time around will feature the likes of One Direction and Emile Sande.

Now there has been discussions over which is the best version and clearly the original was the best choice. No wonder it’s sold so many million in terms of sales. But there was a good word over Dizzie Rascal when he did an extra rap line in the song for the last version.

So here are my questions to leave you with this time. Do you think teenagers should have a Saturday job like before? Do you prefer Aldi to other major supermarkets? What is your favourite Christmas advert? Are you a fan on Do They know it’s Christmas?