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David Snape Show 11.10.19


Hello and welcome to the David Snape Show, your essential radio show for Bourne and the surrounding areas. On this weeks show:
We talk about World Mental Health Day and how I am conquering my next big challenge.
We also talk about homelessness and having a chat to Tim Gregory from Love and Humanity Peterborough, he defiantly goes that extra mile.
Celebrate some amazing local stories, new artist showcase and Joh Denver’s Greatest Hits for our Vinyl Verdict.
We also have an interview with Michelle Born about The Houndogs coming to Bourne Corn Exchange on 18th October.
We also have an interview with Linda Nightingale about Healthy Holistic Happiness and about laughter yoga.
Hope you enjoy the show.

David Snape Show 26.4.19


Welcome to the David Snape Show, your essential local radio show for Bourne and the surrounding areas. On the show this week:
We give you an exclusive insight into ‘Don’t Lose Hope’. A charity which I was invited to an open evening. I will discuss about the charity, the services it provides and how it is a game changer for Bourne.
We take a look at the events guide and celebrate some fantastic news in our local area.
Record of the week – Beck – Saw Lightning
Vinyl Verdict – Carole King – Tapestry
Interview with Lee Bowman as we talk about the latest of the Urban Foundations Outreach Project, the new projects and adventures that Lee and the team have been embarking.
Hope you enjoy the show.

What the ####?! Issue 14

Merry Christmas everyone and welcome to the most shocking and surprising stories of the week. I want to start this week by looming at this Panorama documentary about workers who make Apple’s IPhones, iPads etc…

Let’s give you a summary of this, the programme secretly filmed a few workers who started working there, given important health and safety questionaries and paperwork if they wanted to work overtime and such even though the bosses were saying that if you didn’t tick it, why would you want to work here. One of the workers who’s ID badge was taken was literally waiting for hours on end just to get it back. Why??? 😤

The most shocking of all was workers actually having a nap on there breaks, even on a 12 hour shift. Another reporter who had a 16 hour shift mentioned every time he got back in the dormitories, he just wouldn’t want to move, he couldn’t eat, it was all of the stress that we couldn’t lie down and sleep.

This truly is a shocking way of working, is it really to maximise Apples profits?? Working all these longs hours?? Haven’t they got enough work places to calm the situation down??? All I’m saying is that I hope Apple keeps its promise to improve the situation because they need it fast. Come on big bosses, man up a bit!!!

Luckiest escape of the week goes to a cyclist in China who avoided serious injury or even death after being knocked off his bike by a truck at a junction. The guy somehow disappeared under the lorry, all 14 wheels missing him. Have a look at the BBC News website to see this extraordinary footage.

Now there was a Irishman and a Kiwi (New Zealand policeman), the policeman pulled over the Irishman because the Kayak on his car was strapped sideways on top of his car, weird right?! The wind was rotating the kayak the reason why the police pulled him over.

So the policeman helped rectify the problem of the kayak. However the man wasn’t Irishman, he was from Auckland. So while the policeman didn’t reprimand the driver for dangerous driving, they felt it was better for them to turn up to the drivers door and apologised. Well Jonathan Walters, the driver, had all the luck their, hehe 😃😃.

I bet we all seen episodes of Gordon Ramsey where he turns up to a restaurant, has a look at the kitchen and notices dirty, rotten food, raw meat mix in with cook meat. But I bet he didn’t go into a butchery at Mullaghbawn were pictures has been released in which a dog was found eating raw meat being prepared.

The facilities at County Armagh butchery were filthy, beef carcasses hanging and no facilities for washing or equipment and hands. The owner Bernard Murchan was fined £10,000 from the total of ten breaches in food safety regulations. But I want to know, how the hell did the dog get there in the first place??

As Christmas is getting closer and closer, nobody wants to be felt homeless during this festive time. However the government sometimes isn’t doing enough according to a leading charity. As children are ending up sleeping on streets or night buses as the local authorities are failing to protect them.

The authorities are finding real difficulties in finding emergency care for vulnerable children because of shortage of housing, funding cuts and recording numbers entering the care system.

The charity’s boss mentioned that some people end up in a hostel were there have various gang involvement despite wanting to get free of gangs, even with drink or drugs problems.

There are many, many stories you could read about this and you would find it very shocking at times. I know that there are talking points coming up to the general election, I would love it if one of those major parties weren’t talking about money, money, money and just for once, think of the people who needs them the most. We have some fantastic charities around who do there very best and some could be quickly closing and I don’t want this to happen. So Mr Cameron, Mr Milliband, Mr Clegg and Mr Farage, whoever makes this a priority in the general election, would be a step closer to getting my vote.

But there are people that just got that extra mile, an art student from Lancashire has spent the night sleeping rough with a couple of volunteers to help raise money for a homeless man who came to her rescue. This man offered Dominique his last £3 for a taxi after she lost her bank card on a night out. She refused in the end but she wanted to help him in her own way.

So this 24 hours was trying to help the homeless man to get him a flat. She was hoping to raise £500 but because of her campaign and Facebook she raised over £20,000. She wanted the extra money hoping it will change lives for the people of Preston. What an inspiration she is and I’m touch by this story ❤️😃😃.

There will still be blogs on the run up to Christmas but just in case, I would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year 😃😃😃.