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David Snape Show 24.8.18


Welcome to the David Snape Show, your essential radio show for Bourne and the surrounding areas. We give you some brilliant music, the best from social media and events guide for the Bank Holiday Weekend.
We also bring you a stunning selection for the 80’s Mixtape.
We do an interview with Shona MacIver from Rainbow Counselling about her services and how she became a counselor.
Also an interview with Claryn Nicholas who is a health coach for women and a trainee yoga teacher as well.
We will also make an exciting announcement for next weeks show.
Hope you enjoy the show.

My Points of View – Issue 3

Second week on this blog and I want to grow its popularity to the masses. Remember you can comment on any subjects that has featured in this blog and you can request news and sport stories for next time for me to mention. Its your blog as well.

Profits falling off the basket

I can’t help but think are Tesco’s completely losing the plot here. These are some of the brainiest people in the UK and they have mucked up profit figures, overstating them by £250 million, even more if the results are more troubled. In the process, four of the leading men have been either sacked or suspended until further notice.

So what could be the possible reasons for this apart from human error (a bloody big one if you ask me)? You got various supermarkets like Lidl and Aldi that are slowly taking over their share with their low prices from other brands. My mum likes going to Lidl and they are good value for money.

I do remember when I was doing a job interview at Lidl a few years back, I asked them about the biggest challenge the company faces in the future. The bosses answer was that the recession is making people think twice about where to go for their food shopping and Lidl was a great alternative for that. The challenge was to keep those customers after the recession has ended and it looks like they are winning at the moment.

Do you shop at Tesco’s? And do you shop at an alternative supermarket? Can a company really make fun of its profits if it’s predicted to have a £1.1 billion profit?

Labour’s plan

As the party conference takes shape, Labour has a lot of catching up to do. The first thing that comes to mind is the Prime Ministers decision to have English MP’s vote for English laws. From various examples, if they do that, then Labour would lose a great majority of its seats in the House of Commons as a big majority of Labour MP’s are from Scotland.

Second, is the decision for Ed Milliband to put a ten year plan to get the economy back on track. Housing is a big plan to try and get more first time buyers in the market. Having a mansion tax as well is still right up there. But come on I don’t think he’s quite Prime Minister material just yet.

And finally, it was the Sky news interview that Eamon Holmes did to Ed Balls that was probable the most one sided interview ever. Eamon was asking the right questions, Ed didn’t get the answers and Eamon was saying about his maths skills to get the deficit down nowhere near the target. It’s all common sense.

Do you think Ed Milliband is Prime Minister material? Can Ed Balls really add up his sums?

Game of the week

When I was playing snooker with my dad on Sunday, we was all intrigued by the spectacle of a new, fresh Manchester United side against Leicester City. It was going to be a more one sided affair with the attacking force of Manchester Utd shining with a fantastic goal from Falcao.

The Ulloa header from Leicester did put them back in the game at 2-1 down and then 3-1 down. It was the mistakes in defence that gave Leicester back in the game. The first penalty you can call it harsh and was more like a dive and then the lapse of defence gave Cambiasso a crucial goal to equalise at 3-3.

And then, a pin point pass lead to Vardy to give Leicester the lead. The humiliation was complete with another penalty, Blackett seeing straight red and Ulloa scoring to lead Leicester to one of their most famous wins for many years.

I don’t know about you but it seems like this great club like Manchester Utd are falling apart big time. One of the replays shows all four defensive players pointing at the same time to different players to mark up. That shows a defensive leader is needed desperately and fast, the biggest downfall as now they got the attacking force needed.

What is wrong with Manchester United? Is it their players? Or was Leicester in June form of their lives?

Tech News

The website that is stalking around 4Chan has decided to post nude photos of Emma Watson and will reveal them in a couple of days time. Emma how is now campaigning for gender equality for the United Nations is the latest celebrity to be stalked by this stupid website who I think should abandon the website and go to hell!!! Leave these celebrities along, what have they done to you? Turn you to a frog by a magic wand.

Phones 4U have gone to administration with thousand of jobs on the line. Phone retailers like EE and Vodafone have bought a selective few stores from the company but a good majority of those stores are still available and maybe the company will have no choice then to make their staff redundant. My tribute to them is I think I can do the logo on here it’s something like (4U (the bracket represents the phone.)

In a fascinating survey about trains, out of over a thousand people surveyed the majority so that Twitter is better than station staff in handling train delays and cancellations. So if Twitter tips better, than why do we need station staff?? That’s probable what some of you are thinking. Or is going on a train just too expensive?

How do we stop these internet trolls posting naked photos? Are you going to miss phones4u? Have you had experience with complaining to train staff.


There has been many diets and ways if losing weight, one of them will eventually work for you. Now what they are saying is, according to one report, even if your nit obese, you should avoid all fizzy and energy drinks and have an odd TV free day. Which basically says we are all too lazy, are we really???

Maybe cutting down on fizzy drinks is easier than not watching TV for an entire day. With my BT Vision box, I could watch all the catchup Tv I have recorded all this time and watch them whenever I want. It is too hard to have up TV that’s the truth. The alternative they say is to spend no more than 2 hours watching TV which is better.

Do we spend too much time drinking fizzy drinks? Watching TV? Having Pepsi and watching Eastenders with Phil Mitchell going “Alright!”

Feel free to comment to any questions asked and tell me what news and sport stories you would like me to feature next time. See ya