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Khan Academy app Preview

To produce an app that says that you can learn everything is a pretty bold statement to make. You may think it’s an alternative to Apples iTunes U which does something similar, however they are more for the advance stages of education. With Khan academy, it allows for more younger grades of subjects.

The main subjects from the front page are maths, science and finance with various grades, assignments and videos, hints and tips to help you through. There are various partners that have exclusive content as well as help with applying for college and interviews.

I’ve been working through various Maths subjects and exercises from grades 6 and 7. These exercises consists of if you get the first one right or the first two right or if you get the first one wrong, you would learn and make the next five answers right.

You will get points at the end of each exercise with the fun, green creature as a logo. It is great to get back into maths and you can use the space to work out your answers. However, on the graph questions, I couldn’t answer because they didn’t show it which is a shame.

What I would like to see in the next few weeks if the range of exercises from the different subjects and hopefully get a few updates in. This potentially could be brilliant but let’s wait and see.

NBA 2K15 Review – Has the best just got better?

#Yourtimehascome, that is the main motto that should get everybody in the mood for another year of NBA basketball. I was converted to a huge fan from last years game as my previous review suggested. But there has been loads of trouble with the game released with server, game saves and even mode problems that might have taken the series to an all time low. Believe me, I will try and help you out with these various hiccups and tell you which is real and which isn’t.

In terms of where you start, if you have a save game on the server but you forgot to turn on the xbox live. You will be taken to the opening movie scene and create your character, like when you first play the game. Throughout the time, my game server has sometimes been slow but has majority worked with just the one game save hiccup early on where I thought, where the hell is it? After restarted the game, the saved game appeared on MyCareer and I happily continued the mode.

In terms of character creation, it is very detailed in the set-up of it manually and you can add so many features to it. However if you want to let the Kinect to scare your face feature, DO NOT USE THIS FEATURE. It was a complicated set-up, you have to have your face in the square till it turns green, it will then tell you to slowly move your face from side to side to get your reference points. It will then do its creation using the reference points, about 700 on my one, it then said then scan was average and it revealed that I look like one of those zombie characters from Doctor Who. It actually used a bit of my pyjamas on my face. Unfortunately it doesn’t work and I do hope 2K try and fix the problem.

Let’s turn to what the game does best, the gameplay and now you play. With the presentation and commentary still as great as ever, I don’t have any complaints whatsoever with the top quality work. The gameplay when in simulation mode is a lot more realistic and I was very impress with the new gameplay system and AI.

It relies on more clever gameplay and the shots are more realistic, even the easy shots you tend to sometimes miss because of the excellent defence, even if they do foul you but when I sometimes get fouled, it tends to put more shots in the basket so that would mean I get more chances of one extra shot. I do like the addition of a shot timing system if which it tells you clearly how well you do in the shooting department. Sometimes you might be a little early or a little late but still get the 2 or 3 points down. One time though when I was on a hot scoring run, I found out in the 4th quarter, I didn’t do anything different but my quality was in the D or F category so it could possible come down to fitness. The half time team talk as well adds a bit more drama as well.

The mode were lots of the time has been spent has been the My Career mode. This time around it is a bit different to before. You are a rookie that wasn’t picked in the NBA a draft and is waiting for an opportunity. The NBA then offers a ten day contract for new rookies and selected teams available. I picked the Minnesota Timberwolves as I was with them before and realised that Kevin Love has moved on and Pekovic has made the new C, so a weaker team then before. After the ten days, I was offered another ten days and then made me a contract to the rest of the season.

The performances on the matches has given me more generous feedback then before. You will earn more points for your character if you get so good coach satisfaction where he tells you what to do basically. The points system is more simplified then before and consists of different areas instead of specific improvements of abilities. You can still purchase dunk, releases and all that for you player. There’s a more simplified menu with the ability of talking to your players, agent and all that on social media and they reply to your comments or you reply to theirs instead. The cutscenes feel more real as well and it does get good as your career goes along. You even get interviews with reporters at the end of the match. Nice to see Pharrell Williams in the game as well, he also composed the excellent soundtrack in which included a few oldies, a great balance. Overall MyCareer has improved loads.

In other modes, you can take your character on MyPark, an online area where you can have a play around with your mates and play games. MyTeam is a bit like FIFA’s ultimate team were you build your fantasy dream team with cards from every era, buying packs and selling them in an auction house. The GM mode has been expanded that features more up to date features and running the club more than ever before.

Overall there is a lot more content then in last years instalments and most of it works beautifully and the gameplay is more stunning than ever before. However, the character creation and scan your face mode is the only reason why for me, it isn’t the best sports game of all time. Maybe if they can fix the bug out, it will become the best sports game of all time. It is so accomplished that it is almost perfection, that’s how good a game it is, it gets a 9.5 out of ten for me with a possible 10. You should still buy this game, it will be a sin not to.