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Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix 2015 Review

Ferrari vs Mercedes

The Ferrari’s showed their pace was real throughout the weekend. With Nico struggled to put a lap together, Vettel managed to split to two Mercedes on the front row.

Lewis Hamilton had another flying start and took control throughout the race, despite coming out close on the first stop and the brakes fading on the final lap, Lewis held onto the lead to take another race win to strengthen his lead in the championship.

Kimi Raikkonen produce a different stratgey that work brilliantly in his favour. After putting on the harder tyre in the middle stint, Kimi changed onto the softs for the final ape which he was flying, taking 2nd after a mistake from Rosberg.

Nico was battling against the Mercedes all through the race and as the sparks flew, he made sure he dived onto the inside late to take the place away each time. But in that mistake two load towards the end, his brakes failed on him that flew away his 2nd place finish.

Sebastian Vettel was right at the front end throughout the race, showing great speed. But a mistake late on under pressure from Nico forced Vettel to changing his front nose. He then failed to overtake Bottas and have to settle for 5th.

Button’s Breakdown

Jenson Button only managed a handful of laps all through Friday after a technical drama. When the team repaired the item, they kept experiencing more problems with the McLaren and was forced out of both qualifying and the race.

Fernando Alonso was mixing it up with the minor teams, his strategy worked and manage to finish just outside the points in 11th.

Sparks on show

One of the highlights was the sparks that was created throughout the race, more than usual. Made it certainly a sparky start to the race. This was all because the teams wanted to put more of a show and if that was great, can’t wait till Singapore.

Other stars

Romain Grosjean has gotten to grips well with the new Lotus this season. With Maldonado at his wide best, Romain was more calm controlled through the race to finish 7th.

Dannil Kyvat manage to turn his poor qualifying into a race that was respectable considering Red Bull are not performing well enough. Ninth place for Dannil with Riccardo on his own in 6th.

Italian worries

There has been speculation surrounding the future of the Italian Grand Prix. With western euorpe races falling by the wayside, the emergies of the Americans and Asia races seem to be taken over.

But with a track full of history and passion as Monza, the exclusion in the calendar would be a devastating blow especially with many years of fantastic racing. We will hear more I am sure.

Driver of the race – Kimi Raikkonen
Villain – Maldonado (wild yet again)
Rising star – Vaterie Bottas
Bad luck – Jenson Button
Highlight – sparks everywhere