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David & Christina Show Episode 29 – First Look at COVID app plus interviews with Andrew Nebel MBE and The Great Leslie Band

Welcome to the David & Christina Show.

David gives you an exclusive look at the new NHS Covid 19 app and a potential flaw into it. He also goes into details of the new rules in the Corona Diaries. There is also a positive talking point about the importance of comedy during this pandemic.

We will also be playing an exclusive new single from the Herron Brothers called ‘High Risk’.

Christina has an updated interview with Andrew Nebel MBE. The PPG Campaign to stop the closure of St Mary’s surgery in Stamford is gathering momentum. MP’s are involved as is Lincolnshire CCG and hundreds are signing up to our petition ‘Better Primary Care – Save St Mary’s.’

We also interview The Great Leslie Band which features front man and former guest of the show, Ollie Trevers. He will be joined by Guillermo Campoy, better known as ‘G.’ The Great Leslie Band are a London-based alternative rock band, combining raw vocals with a rock n roll influence to produce a sound that will leave you wanting more. Following their tour in the South of France last year, The Great Leslie plan to share their sound around the world throughout 2020.

Hope you enjoy the show.

David & Christina x

F1 USA Grand Prix 2014

Here we are, the last couple of races of the season and there has been plenty of talking points to discuss. The most worrying of them is the administration of both Caterham and Marrusia racing and them not taking part over at Austin.

It’s a shame because there are the two other smaller teams which included Hispania that started a few years ago at the back of the field, struggling budget and not enough help and support along the way. So where does the blame lie? It seems like Mr money pots Bernie Ecclestone has admitted it was his fault in not splitting up the money fairly between the smaller and the bigger teams and he doesn’t know what the solution is.

Well there are plenty of solutions to this problem, all of which have their advantages and disadvantages but really, if Bernie hasn’t got a solution then maybe it is the right time for him to retire and call it a day basically. We really need a strong leader because it seems like everything is on panic attack at the moment. Even Force India had threatened to boycott the Grand Prix because of these financial worries.

It feels like back in 2008 all over again where major teams just as Honda and Toyota were quitting the sport because it just wasn’t affordable and maybe we are in the same situation again. Now this thing about having three cars in a team, it could work but only for the major teams like Ferrari, Red Bull and maybe Mercedes, that could bring the grid up, that maybe even let guys like Joylon Palmer have a better chance of a race seat in Formula 1 and he deserves it to be fair.

Could there really be as low as 14 cars on the grid next year?? Lotus were having financial difficulties and maybe you can say Sauber are in the same category. But Sauber have committed to next year with the surprise signing of Marcus Erricson, a man who has had his ups and downs at Caterham and not the best signing in the world by any means. The news about this won’t be the end that’s for sure.

In terms of the race, there was lots of action throughout the field and it was a great success this year. The pole went to Nico Rosberg but in terms of pure speed and race craft, Hamilton still rules the roast and an overtake mid way through the race was enough to give Lewis a 5th straight win and 10 in a season.

What kind of a lead would Lewis would have had if the car was playing up every time? A 24 point lead is the margin which means it doesn’t matter what happens at Brazil, it all goes down to the double points final race at Abu Dhabi. So you could call Brazil a warm up for the final showdown.

Once again, the brilliance of Daniel Riccardo shown through once more. Despite a terrible start, it didn’t worry Daniel at all as strategy and a couple of fine passes were enough for another podium for the best of the rest driver of the season.

Sergio Perez is waiting for a contract for next year but the actions on the first lap have may hinder the decision making. A late lunge on Adrain Sutil was pretty reckless both ended up as retirements and that handed Sergio a seven place grid penalty for Brazil.

Jean Eric Vergne was also a talking point as his last laps charge was going pretty well, however he was handed a five second penalty for a collision with Roaming Grosjean on lap 51. He still finish in the points.

The latest on Jules Bianchi is that the condition is still serious but stable. A trial on the virtual safety car to help with these kinds of situations happened in free practice where the drivers have to drive 35% of the normal lap time. The drivers will hear a beep if they are going too fast. It may happen in the future so let’s wait and see.