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This Week Podcast Episode 2 Now with added bullshit button

Welcome to the podcast where myself and the Amazon echo tackle the fascinating stories of this week and try to work it all out. Now with the addition of a bullshit button. Topics for discussion are:
Formula 1 from Azerbaijan
Google’s fine
Tribute to Michael Bond
Main topic – ransonware

Hope you enjoy

What the ####?! Issue 40 – Why England’s Sport is the biggest roller-coaster rider ever?

Good morning from a cloudy Thurlby, it has been a great week off with so many great activities but something almost kind of spoiled it. It was on Friday night where we had the most freakiest Thunder, lightning storms for a very long time. I was in a middle of sleeping as well and the flashes were so bright, I had to go to the toilet, turn on the light until about ten seconds later, the power all cut out!!! I can ensure you it wasn’t a dream if I felt that little bit frightened and hot, boy it was hot!!! Needed a distraction instantly, if i had a girlfriend then it would be better, I shall leave it to your own imagination.

Right back to the story in hand, we have got a lot of brilliant sport happening at the moment but somehow we create the most incredible and heartbreaking storylines in the world. It’s maybe just a thing to us Brit’s that we don’t plan any of this at all, this isn’t fix unless you are EC3 (for all you TNA fans who knows that he is the biggest cheat in the world full stop!!).

From the Women’s world Cup, England after a slow start against France in the group stages, suddenly played like a great team and they were making history, so much so, papers were like saying “This could be 1966 all over again, we can’t wait!!!” One of the things that a certain Andy Parson’s from mock the week said that the semi-final draw of “England v Japan and Germany v USA, was more like the match-up of World War II”, true but this is certainly more different.

England were certainly holding on to the best of their ability’s against Japan and it looked like it was going to go to extra time until the cruelest of lucks happened. The defender, Bassett somehow diverted the cross over the goalkeeper, hit the crossbar and rolled over the line with seconds to go. Bassett ended up in bucket-loads of tears and I do certainly feel for her.

But hey, we heard this morning that England managed to pull off an unlikely victory against Germany in the third place play-off. A 1-0 victory thanks to a bit of good fortune for a change, a penalty at extra-time. That means we didn’t win like in 1966 but this result puts the women team it’s second best result in any world cup ahead of men’s team finishing 4th in Italia 1990.

Another example from this week, one of the Wimbledon matches of the year!!!! Britian’s number 1 women’s player, Heather Watson was on a roll but had to face Serena Williams in the third round. This was in fact the very first match between the two players and this we can call it, was no ordinary circumstances.

Heather was nervous at Centre Court and it showed in the first set, Serena looking comfortable to win the first set 6-2. However, with the help from the crowd and a bit more confidence, Heather took her game to new heights and won the second set 6-4. The way that she was playing, Serena was working ever so hard and even screamed whenever she won a good point, the American knew she was in for a fight.

And when Heather broke Serena’s serve twice in the final set to get a 3-0 lead, that advantage is priceless. However, you can never count out Serena and her determination and aggressive play worked and she immediately broke back twice. I couldn’t watch, seriously I fought when I’ve been watching Andy Murray that I always seem to give him bad luck, that’s how i feel for our superstars.

Then the final set actually came to 5-4 to Heather Watson and she was serving for the match. She came as close as two points away from winning but Serena fought to take three more consecutive games to win 7-5 on the final set. I honestly never seen Serena scream so much when winning a point and her emotion when she won that match. This is what we have to endure, forget Eastenders and the nasty women in Emmerdale, this is proper drama at it’s very best.

I haven’t seen James Ward’s five set lose against Vasek Pospisil but I bet that was a similar heartache match.

One final example to bring you and this was back in 2008 end of October, early November. The Formula 1 season was coming to it’s conclusion at Interlagos, Brazil and the championship was all coming down to a battle between Lewis Hamilton and home-town hero Felipe Massa who was driving in the Ferrari and favorite to win.

The race was coming closer to the end but with about 5-6 laps to come, the heavens opened and massive decisions were taken if the cars wanted to pit for Intermediate tyres. Lewis Hamilton came in and was out just ahead of Sebastian Vettel (in a Toro Rosso and he already had a win in Monza in the wet).

Staying ahead of Sebastian would be enough to win the title but in unpredictable conditions, mistakes do happen and the German capitalize in Lewis’s mistake and passed him. That would now mean with Felipe Massa in the lead, he would be world title and it looked like that was the case.

In the final few corners when Felipe celebrated his win and the title thought they had won the drivers championship, a certain Timo Glock in the Toyota, was struggling on his slick tyres was losing grip fast and was so slow that Lewis moved up a spot and now it was Lewis Hamilton who won the drivers championship, to the amazement of Nicole Scherzinger and to the horror of the Ferrari who stopped and stared in disbelief.

We know that most of us will watch a sporting event so good, it will have you on the edge of your pants in agonizing fashion. Just make sure, if you ever come to the UK and are watching sport in a pub, an arena or at home, expect somebody in the room to hide, somebody to open their mouths and hold it for 10 seconds and somebody to say “I can do that!!!” Maybe you can mate but only if you tried.

Thank you so much for all your likes and comments once more, there are some cracking guest posts coming soon and I will pick my Post of the week shortly. Don’t forget we have a brand new, David Snape Show Facebook page with daily updates, check it out https://www.facebook.com/davidsnapeshow. See you guys

A little more info about me

I was recently nominated for the really neat blog award which I thank you for. I have copied the seven questions he wants to asks me and I shall give you the honest answers to them.

1. What was the inspiration which made you start your blog?

I felt like sometimes when I try to communicate, it doesn’t come out. I want to inspire others in any way I can and doing my blog would be a part of that. Even if it’s stories or laugh out loud moments or just a pep talk. I also want to think of other people with autism who feel lonely and down. I want to say to these people, it’s not the end of the world, you are like everyone else in this world, you are unique a d special to everyone around you.

2. If you could choose a book to always have by your side for life, which one would it be?

I started to read books a few years back and always enjoyed The Game of Thrones books. Just want the final two books to come out asap to complete the series.

3. If you could choose a song to sum up the soundtrack of yourself/your life, which one would it be?

Baz Lurman – sunscreen
The life we choose and the options to take along the way define ourselves and this song helps you to understand life and what you can do.

4. What would be your ultimate holiday destination?

Australia – not too hot, not too cold.

5. If you were stuck in a lift/elevator, who would you like to be stuck in there with?

Two choices really.
1. Murray Walker former f1 commentator we could end up talking for hours.
2. The next woman I end up having a relationship with because you got to do something sexy if your stuck there.

6. If it was your last meal ever – what would you choose for your menu?

My menu would be an all you can eat feast, a little of every country, Chinese, Italian, Indian, US you name it.

7. If you could be in a film, past, present or future, which would it be (& what role)?

I would love to play Sylvester Stallone in the Rocky films.