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Me and My Autism Part 1 – The Pursuit of Happiness

As I came back home from my morning stroll, in the blazing sunshine, I sit back with a cup of coffee and turn on an intriguing development I have been following for months now. Brexit!!!

Now, as I have mentioned on my show quite a few times, I wouldn’t want to mention something about Brexit, unless it’s absolutely necessary. We can all think of different reasons why it is still in our heads. Why is it taking so long? Are MP’s really in favour of Brexit? Will there be any more resignations or new members of the Independent Group? It is definitely a subject that can leave us driving mad, start family arguments and end up in disaster.

Today was in fact, an update of the negotiations between Theresa May and the EU. Slowly progressing in the alterations of the Northern Island Backstop and a mention of a couple of key dates that could be the biggest dates in a decade. 12th, 13th and 14th March. The course of action in which these future negotiations will hind to. Theresa May’s Deal, No Deal or an extension to article 50. For me personally, I have always picked no deal from Day One as this was the deal that I’ve voted for back when we all cast our votes and narrowly won in a historic vote.

I always love to keep up to date with the latest on this historic issue from articles and watching video clips. It can be very easy to open up to your opinions about it and what you think of each politician you see on TV. The weird thing being now is, when I sit down, like on this key debate earlier with my coffee, I don’t hardly throw a tantrum about what they are actually saying. Sometimes I just laugh you know, just from something like a question which has been repeated time and time again and the number of times I say, ‘You didn’t answer the question Theresa.’ You know, it’s like I’ve seen it plenty of times before, thinking to myself, ‘that’s John Bercow again, telling everyone to calm down and do yoga or some other natural remedies.’

It’s so easy to drawn into these discussions and feel like nothing has been done about Brexit and I would definitely agree with your opinions on them. I was kind of more drawn into the era when I was a teenager and we was entering into a huge, global recession. My first paid job lasted less than a year when the company folded and I felt the safest place of all, was either playing pool by myself or in my bedroom. I just felt comfortable in those areas and didn’t venture much. Didn’t like going to the Job Centre and each year, I would do all I can to try and find paid work. Completed my AAT in between those times was a fantastic achievement, although with limited job places available, getting into the sector was hard but not impossible.

I remember hitting an all time low, as my brain kept overthinking and it suddenly turned into overload when I just burst into tears like anything I have ever done before. I knew at that point, i had depression as it was so unlike me. I am a naturally quiet guy, have been all my life but when the mental side gets into play, it messes with your head so darn much. I just wanted to be alone, nothing more I could do. Even the following times I had depression, it felt exactly the same, even when I was out and about.

Now, when we are in an age, where mental health is much more recognisable, the little bits of help makes all the difference. I found a purpose when I was recovering from my last bought or depression and wanted to change myself, as a better person, a more rounded individual. Getting more exercise, trying new meals out, anything small that could improve my confidence even more. All these little things helped so much which I was so grateful of. There was however, something that could possible, make things even greater and even improve myself more. That little bit of ‘Perfection isn’t enough’, kind of attitude and just go for it.

And that’s how my radio show idea came about. Learning more about my local area, meeting some fantastic new people, gain new friends and even help raising awareness, volunteering and going to all sorts of different events. That had such a huge effect on my levels of happiness, finding hidden gems and raising that smile a little more brighter as well. That was maybe what I was missing for a number of years, since the secondary school days where friends were always close to you and you had so many wonderful memories.

As I look outside the window now in the blue skies, I can literally say right now that life is perfect right now. With the vinyl record on and working on some events, plans for the future, I have never felt this happy and positive in all my life. The future is so bright out there and even with the discussion of Brexit still rambling on, I am taking a much more positive outlook on my future journey with a beaming smile and an enthusiastic attitude to guide me along.

David Snape Show 30.11.18


Hello and welcome to the David Snape Show, your essential radio show for Bourne and the surrounding areas. On this weeks show,
This is a mental health special of the show as we look at the big question, ‘Is there enough support for mental health or does more need to be done.’
We will have an interview with DIna Chauhan about her business and have a closer look at the mind matters.
I will do a serious poem/rap about depression and tell you guys what help is available out there.
We will also have some mentions and the events guide for the weekend and week ahead.
Hope you enjoy the show.