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David Snape Show 7.6.19


Welcome to the David Snape Show, your essential local radio show for Bourne and the surrounding areas. On this weeks show.
I talk about my experience on dating, both online and meeting face to face.
I give you guys a preview of the Bourne festival happening this weekend.
We have the events guide and celebrating some local stories.
Record of the week – Skinny Living – Let Go
Vinyl Verdict – Simon and Garfunkel – Bridge over troubled water
Hope you enjoy the show.

What the ####?! Issue 20

Its Sunday and welcome to another week of the most shocking and surprising stories of the week, all true and genuine. Earlier in the week, I posted Don’t snatch me car!! In which there was a truly astonishing footage of a woman trying her hardest to win the car back against a robber but failed. Have a look on the BBC website I linked in and see for yourself.

I want to start with something that is an absolute disgrace and it’s the violence in the Africa Cup on Nations football. The semi final match between Ghana and Equatorial Guinea was the key to all this. After Ghana got a third goal before half time, the Equatorial Guinea fans started to throw water bottles at the Ghana bench and also needed protection in the tunnel from riot police.

The bottles throwing continued which delayed the start of the second half, even the players plead the fans to stop but they didn’t listen. Stones after stones were thrown in which there were absolutely no celebration for the Ghanian fans. The reporter found other objects thrown included a piece of mirror, broken plate and bottles filled with urine and stones!!! 😩 sick Ba#####s !! Even when they sent a helicopter over, that failed miserably as well.

What a sick and disgraceful way of leaving the cup, by violence. Africa football violence has had its history and it’s definitely coming more apparent in recent years. I feel sorry for all the Ghanian fans in what they have to witness, same on you Equatorial Guinea!!

If that was sick enough, then believe it or not, this will probable top all of that. How about this for a headline, A six year old girl has been found dead in Brazil after being surrounded and devoured by a large shoal of piranhas .

This is quite a story, the girl was with her grandmother and four other children when they entered a bad storm. Unfortunately for the six year old, she didn’t manage to reach the boat while the others did. Although reports suggested that she could have been dead before the piranhas came.

Looking at the pictures of the piranhas now, they do have small but sharp teeth that could prove deadly, I wouldn’t want to cook one of them in my flying pan that’s for sure.

Over at Venezuela, their president is taking such a big action to try and saved the country from starvation. Nicolas Maduro has ordered the takeover of Dia a Dia, a supermarket chain because he’s accused the company of hoarding food during huge shortages in the country. Soldiers and government workers have helped supervising sales this week.

So why has Venezuela gotten to this state? Well their economy has been affected by the drop of oil prices, that has created high inflation, crime and shortage of staple goods. According to Nicolas, Dia a Dia was waging war against the population and the national food distribution agency is taking over.

If that happens over there, what would it be like over in the UK or USA?? I know we got food banks that helps out but that would be an absolute disaster if the likes of Tesco’s or Asda or Sainsbury’s were being hoarding idiots.

Now, how much would you buy a painting for? £20, £200??? How about paying $300 million of two Tahitian girls by French artist Paul Gauguin?? This was the most expensive work of art ever sold and it’s called Nafea Faa Ipoipo or When will you marry? Painted in 1892.

The reports say it was sold to a museum in Qatar. The $300m or £197m beat the previous recorded of £158m. So what would beta the £197m if ever it was sold? Mona Lisa would be a good beat, The scream possible even though that was sold for only £74m three years ago.

Now for the results….. The Carbuncle Awards goes to……. Aberdeen. What award is the Carbuncle Awards?????? Well it’s not good at all. Aberdeen has won the unwanted title of the most dismal town in Scotland. The issues arose because of the Union Terrace Gardens, Marischal Square and missing out on the 2017 city of culture.

But not everyone agrees as always, Steve Harris from visitAberdeen ignores the award completely by saying Aberdeen is a stunning city with parks and gardens, a bench that runs for miles and some stunning architecture. Have you been to Aberdeen?? Tells us what you think.

The last story is mostly about the Best of British and I will list a few things down.
English tea, Irn-Bru and Cadburys chocolate.

Well those we’ll know brands are creating a stockpile over in America. That is because the company Hershey Inc have successfully block the import of many British sweets. It says it creates brand confusion with their own brand.

One person wrote on Twitter “Shame on you Hershey. Give the people what they want! #boycotthershey Good ingredients trump crap every time.” Many shoppers from the states are wanting to buy the so called proper chocolate as they can afford.

I am really pleased that Cadburys chocolate is that popular over in America. I think they are brilliant, in big or small form and I love all Cadburys chocolate, it’s to die for. What do you think of Cadburys chocolate? Are they better than the other makes??

Now my David’s Dilemma this week is all about Valentine’s Day. Even though I am busy that day, I still feel unlucky not finding somebody else even though at work I like to talk and occasionally flirt, makes me feel bubbly and happy. So my question is, what is your secret lucky people?? Is there any secret formula or is it just plain luck??

Thank you very much for all your likes and comments this week. I am having a week off work this week and I am persuading anyone of you if you want to become a guest writer, like Kiara Wilson has earlier in the week. Contact me here, Facebook or Twitter @davidsnape7. See ya folks 😃😃