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My points of view – Issue 2

It’s already been a long week and me and mum want to have a long sleep and forget about the world, hard workers we are and even if I do say no, they probable get you to do more work. Is my voice heard? Am I in a dream or not? Anyway whatever Thank God is Friday LOL.

United Kingdom Saved

All the news has been about the Scottish independence and the no vote has won with a 55% majority. I was sad though because both the early morning programmes at 5 o clock was all about Scotland, Where’s Jeremy Kyle, i was a bit pissed off.

Over the 2 years of hard fought campaign, that made well over 80% of people to turn up and vote which is fantastic. From the many people that voted no, there was a hell of a lot of people voted yes and that does show great democracy. I was really please to hear about so many 16-17 year olds having a vote as well which means they can influence the outcome. I would encourage many younger voters to ditch David Cameron if possible on the general election.

Alex Hammond did produce a hard fought battle, he has accepted defeat and is now steeping down as first minister. I do believe though he is a lot better than Alistair Darling who was a useless chancellor and probable this was a consultation victory to him and Gordon Brown. I do hope that more powers will be given to Scotland as I still consider this a win-win situation.

We as a United Kingdom are a proud nation, who has been saved by the Scottish public. We have had Romans, Vikings, Tudors, Latvians and Polish who have invaded or still trying to anyway but we are still standing. With the many tourist attractions, places to visit and some of the most friendly people in this world, I am proud to be living in a United Kingdom.

Is staying as a United Kingdom the right thing to do? Are you surprise with the result? Do you get bored with this referendum?


There have been many surprising statistics that can only go one way, higher and higher. Websites have gone past a billion in total, gosh, the World Wide Web will need to spin faster to keep up, the spider has already trapped the millennium bug for 14 years now to keep hiding. There are so many sites to choose from which goes from shopping, news and sport, games, education and social media among others. You could probable type any name on Google and you will find something instantly.

You can probable think of many things though that have more than websites. How about people on this earth? We have about over 6 billion people at the moment. By 2100, that figure could go as high as 11 billion people and that is because of the high birth rates in Africa. That could cause various problems over the years to come and the climate change fiasco could be a problem but who worries about that, yet????

What has been your favourite website? Can we ever get enough websites to fit all in the World Wide Web? Do you think things will change by the end of the century? Is Climate change a good thing?

Shocking news

We all love to play our games but now it seems like that Women are more into games than men. Yes, you heard me right!!!!! The reason why, apparently, is that the majority of 25-44 year olds will play free puzzle games and trivia. So that would mean they will play Candy Crush or Bubble witch Saga. My mum does like to have a Candy Crush moment and it seems like her friends are into the same thing as well.

So you see, gaming isn’t all because of your Xbox and Playstation, with the many apps on your phone and tablet, gaming has become more accessible to the whole generation not just youngsters. I think the iPad releasing something like Bioshock for example is such a great idea because it was a great game at the time and you can still experience great graphics on a smaller device.

Do you play Candy Crush or Bubble Witch saga? Are there a lot of female gamers around? Do you prefer puzzles or Action or Sport games? What is your favourite game?

Something completely different

When I saw this today, I didn’t know whether to laugh or feel sad for the guy but I just laugh anyway. This was a guy over in Perth, Australia who was live on tv getting the first iPhone 6, opening it and then dropping the phone on the floor and hearing groans from others all around. Luckily the phone did work so thank god for that. I drop my mobile hundreds of times and it is still working believe it or not but it is a Blackberry and hopefully a new phone is close away.

The next story I gave a rise smile to, while the guys are busing dig hunting, a bit like Time Team, I don’t know, they encountered two skeletons really holding hands with each other for 700 years. Ain’t it cute though, were they lovers? Best friends? Or sparing partners? I will leave this to your imagination.

One of the most love children shows, Dangermouse is returning to the UK screens and the actor who will play Dangermouse is no other than Alexander Armstrong. Alex who was been more into his comedy roles and also presenter of the game show Pointless, is replacing the great David Jason as the main character in this show that kinda represents more of a child’s version of James Bond. I am delighted to have him as an actor and he will do really well in this role.

Have you dropped a phone and broke it, or even lost it? Do you remember Dangermouse? What are your memories of this classic show?

Remember this is your blog as well and you can answer any of the questions in this section and if you find any stories you would like me to mention next time or maybe in the weekly What the #### section than please feel free to leave a comment and I shall look forward to hearing from you. See you