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Khan Academy app Preview

To produce an app that says that you can learn everything is a pretty bold statement to make. You may think it’s an alternative to Apples iTunes U which does something similar, however they are more for the advance stages of education. With Khan academy, it allows for more younger grades of subjects.

The main subjects from the front page are maths, science and finance with various grades, assignments and videos, hints and tips to help you through. There are various partners that have exclusive content as well as help with applying for college and interviews.

I’ve been working through various Maths subjects and exercises from grades 6 and 7. These exercises consists of if you get the first one right or the first two right or if you get the first one wrong, you would learn and make the next five answers right.

You will get points at the end of each exercise with the fun, green creature as a logo. It is great to get back into maths and you can use the space to work out your answers. However, on the graph questions, I couldn’t answer because they didn’t show it which is a shame.

What I would like to see in the next few weeks if the range of exercises from the different subjects and hopefully get a few updates in. This potentially could be brilliant but let’s wait and see.

What the ####?! Issue 14

Merry Christmas everyone and welcome to the most shocking and surprising stories of the week. I want to start this week by looming at this Panorama documentary about workers who make Apple’s IPhones, iPads etc…

Let’s give you a summary of this, the programme secretly filmed a few workers who started working there, given important health and safety questionaries and paperwork if they wanted to work overtime and such even though the bosses were saying that if you didn’t tick it, why would you want to work here. One of the workers who’s ID badge was taken was literally waiting for hours on end just to get it back. Why??? 😤

The most shocking of all was workers actually having a nap on there breaks, even on a 12 hour shift. Another reporter who had a 16 hour shift mentioned every time he got back in the dormitories, he just wouldn’t want to move, he couldn’t eat, it was all of the stress that we couldn’t lie down and sleep.

This truly is a shocking way of working, is it really to maximise Apples profits?? Working all these longs hours?? Haven’t they got enough work places to calm the situation down??? All I’m saying is that I hope Apple keeps its promise to improve the situation because they need it fast. Come on big bosses, man up a bit!!!

Luckiest escape of the week goes to a cyclist in China who avoided serious injury or even death after being knocked off his bike by a truck at a junction. The guy somehow disappeared under the lorry, all 14 wheels missing him. Have a look at the BBC News website to see this extraordinary footage.

Now there was a Irishman and a Kiwi (New Zealand policeman), the policeman pulled over the Irishman because the Kayak on his car was strapped sideways on top of his car, weird right?! The wind was rotating the kayak the reason why the police pulled him over.

So the policeman helped rectify the problem of the kayak. However the man wasn’t Irishman, he was from Auckland. So while the policeman didn’t reprimand the driver for dangerous driving, they felt it was better for them to turn up to the drivers door and apologised. Well Jonathan Walters, the driver, had all the luck their, hehe 😃😃.

I bet we all seen episodes of Gordon Ramsey where he turns up to a restaurant, has a look at the kitchen and notices dirty, rotten food, raw meat mix in with cook meat. But I bet he didn’t go into a butchery at Mullaghbawn were pictures has been released in which a dog was found eating raw meat being prepared.

The facilities at County Armagh butchery were filthy, beef carcasses hanging and no facilities for washing or equipment and hands. The owner Bernard Murchan was fined £10,000 from the total of ten breaches in food safety regulations. But I want to know, how the hell did the dog get there in the first place??

As Christmas is getting closer and closer, nobody wants to be felt homeless during this festive time. However the government sometimes isn’t doing enough according to a leading charity. As children are ending up sleeping on streets or night buses as the local authorities are failing to protect them.

The authorities are finding real difficulties in finding emergency care for vulnerable children because of shortage of housing, funding cuts and recording numbers entering the care system.

The charity’s boss mentioned that some people end up in a hostel were there have various gang involvement despite wanting to get free of gangs, even with drink or drugs problems.

There are many, many stories you could read about this and you would find it very shocking at times. I know that there are talking points coming up to the general election, I would love it if one of those major parties weren’t talking about money, money, money and just for once, think of the people who needs them the most. We have some fantastic charities around who do there very best and some could be quickly closing and I don’t want this to happen. So Mr Cameron, Mr Milliband, Mr Clegg and Mr Farage, whoever makes this a priority in the general election, would be a step closer to getting my vote.

But there are people that just got that extra mile, an art student from Lancashire has spent the night sleeping rough with a couple of volunteers to help raise money for a homeless man who came to her rescue. This man offered Dominique his last £3 for a taxi after she lost her bank card on a night out. She refused in the end but she wanted to help him in her own way.

So this 24 hours was trying to help the homeless man to get him a flat. She was hoping to raise £500 but because of her campaign and Facebook she raised over £20,000. She wanted the extra money hoping it will change lives for the people of Preston. What an inspiration she is and I’m touch by this story ❤️😃😃.

There will still be blogs on the run up to Christmas but just in case, I would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year 😃😃😃.

Review of the week 8th – 14th September 2014

What a busy week that both me and my mum have had, had to cancel a party but the text message proved to be a bit excessive on the old drink so thank god we didn’t go LOL. A bit of inspiration goes to Yahoo’s new app called News Digest which gives you two news summaries a day on the main news and some other bits and pieces as well. Absolutely brilliant and may give me ideas of doing this piece, a few times a week.

Act of pure evil

That was the powerful message from David Cameron after the beheading of David Hines by the Islamic State. This is probable the worst of the be-headings so far as David was a dedicated aid worker in Syria. The message had the same kind of tone to it with masked men and a message condemning the prime minister this time on his actions.

The response has been of complete heartache with lots of messages from key figures. David Cameron had a secret meeting last night. The best message from me comes from Jake Humphrey saying “Only the greatest coward murders a man who hands are tied behind his back. Let’s remember David Haines for how he lived, now how he died.”

Now it looks like Australia are joining the fight as they are sending 600 troops to the United Arab Eremites for possible combat operations. That makes it nearly 40 countries including 10 Arab States have signed up to a US-led plan to tackle the extremist group. Let the fight begin I say, these Islamic State must be exterminated although we haven’t got hold of a real life Dalek which we should have.

Too Close to call

Writing this next week, we will know then if Scotland is going independent or not and the battle is swinging around like one of those swinging balls that only move from side to side, you know one of those with 5 silver balls. With the yes campaign seemingly on top (they say), the Westminster heavyweights came to Scotland to join the No campaign and all of them were there. Yes Cameron, Milliband, Clegg, Farage, Prescott and believe or not Gordon Brown (Oh no, even worse than Farage, god help us!!).

Pools do tell different every something different everyday some say no is ahead, some say yes is ahead. They are doubts though for the more economical person as if independence goes ahead, that prices will be likely to rise, from various places like Asda, John Lewis and Waitrose. Some share prices as well have varied greatly by Scottish firms. Businesses are certainly coming more of a talking point than currency at the moment.

Just remember though that postal votes have already been taking place so people can’t change their minds anymore. It looks like though that women are more undecided in which way to go according to one report. This particular battle will only intensify as it gets closer and closer to pooling day. Which way do I think it’s going to go? I haven’t the foggiest clue. Who do you think will win the battle? Do you support independence? Or should we stay together as one United Kingdom? Let me know what you think.

For the love of dogs

I bet this was a story that Paul O Grady would be devastated about as well as everybody else. This was a story with heartache but it does have a great ending to it. A blaze that has swept through a dogs home in Harpurhey, Manchester has killed more than 60 dogs. People from emergency services to helpers and volunteers have rescued more than 150 dogs in the process and have devastated a local business.

From the story, over 100,000 people have come to give money to the dogs home and have raise more than £1million in 24 hours. The generosity have given the owners new hope in the future plans and have been delighted with the generosity of the public. The only bad news about that is it did held up the M6 but how bloody cares about that.

Now the attack probable did start by a 15 year old who has been release on bail, don’t know why. But from the News Digest this morning which I found extraordinary was that the 15 year old claimed that he was attacked by a dog and got injured by it. One of the people wrote this down saying “Being attacked by a dog ….. so thought it was ok to set alight a Manchester Dogs home and murder 50+ dogs”. That’s exactly what this young punk was trying to do, you are lucky to release on bail, nob.

The verdict is in

This is about the Oscar Pistorius trial and the decision about the murder of his girlfriend, a shot of the gun, knocking her dead. The judge decided he was clear of murder because the prosecutors had not proved he meant to kill her, which prompted Oscar with emotional tears. However, he was found guilty of culpable homicide because he acted negligently when he fired the shots through a toilet door but in a belief that there was an intruder.

The sentencing will take place on 13th October. Now, this was one of the most proud, athletes with disability in the world and he can run very fast indeed. There was various evidence of him in the firing range and various new stories like one newspaper calling the horror from another of Oscar’s previous girlfriends in their past. This is sadly to say that this is the fallen of a proud idol and icon of the sport and that is all I can say.

Sport review

It looks like people are saying that the England football team are losing belief by their fans despite a crucial victory in the euro qualifications against a strong Switzerland side. You got to understand though that this will be a new England side that needs to step up and keep providing great performances out of the bag. Just don’t let Alan Pardew be their manager, his Newcastle side 4-0 losing to Southampton was shocking and did provide a few moments of reality from me when watching Match of the Day, shocking, unreliable and what was that!!!!!!!!!!!!! In other premier league highlights, Liverpool lost 1-0 at Anfield to Aston Villa, DIego Costa got a hat-trick (7 in 4 games, fantastic) to lead Chelsea 4-2 over Swansea and it was 2-2 between Arsenal and Man City.

Some golf stories to tell you about, Rory McIIroy in Atlanta, Georgia watch his shot in disbelief as his tee shot drifted right, hit a tree and then dropped into a pocket of a spectator standing underneath in the red shirt. The man was just standing their, waiting until Rory made his decision. Now golf rules state that when a ball is moved, deflected or stopped by an outside agent, then the balk may be replaced and played without penalty. He eventually made par on that hole so he didn’t lose at all.

Greg Norman, an inspiration to the world of golf and still playing now had a very luck escape indeed. He is recovering in hospital after almost losing his left hand in a chainsaw accident. Meanwhile, Michael Schumacher has left hospital and is recovering from home after his skiing accident earlier in the year. The family say he has still got a long way to go till fully recover his injuries.

Tech news

A couple of huge stories to tell you about. Let’s start with a game that I have been intrigued ever since the news came out. This is a game called Destiny which has reported cost so many millions of pounds, more than most films, has the soundtrack of Paul McCarthy and has a kind of Mass Effect in terms of gameplay. I am personally waiting for the huge review by IGN but many reviews have come in and they have very mixed messages, some great, some critical. I am in two minds Should I buy this game? Have you played it already? Is it any good at all?

Apple have launched it’s new products and will be in sale pretty soon. We have the Apple watch which acts as a health and fitness tracker which communicates to the iPhone. There are two new iPhones, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 plus with a larger screen. There will be an Apple Pay which apparently replaces the wallet, I don’t want to get ride of my wallet, it’s got my bank details in, so no thanks. There has already been people waiting outside stores a week before the launch, waiting to get their hands on it. There probable will be many online purchases which will be busy for us Royal Mail guys as well. Do you want any of the new Apple Ranges? Has your life changed forever since the iPhone, iPad?

SD memory cards, small, compact and stores many, many pictures over a lifetime. Now SanDisk one of the main businesses on SD cards have released the largest ever one yet, 512GB in fact which is getting closer to a terabyte. This is a size of a postage stamp will go on sale, wait for it, for £490. For me, personally it’s far to expensive, you can get hard drives which cost four times less. The new card though they say is for people with 4k shooting, I bet those photos will be magnificent, I would love to see one of those, one day.

What the ####?

There has been many crime stories I posted on here which are rather weird and sometimes shocking, these are one of the shocking ones. A US father is suspected of killing his five children and dumping the bodies in another state. The bodies were found buried near an Alabama highway after an all day search. The man was arrested in Mississippi on unrelated charges. The only thing I say for that is that could be a new series of Fargo right there, if they wanted an idea. As for the man, you disgrace me.

Driving now gone horrible wrong, a woman accidentally hit the accelerator and crashed while parking her vehicle in Ipswich. The cars collided and the stationary car ended up on a church wall. The women was seriously injured her foot and leg in the process and was taken to hospital. How was the leg injured? A witness said that she was trying to straighten the car, one of her legs was out of the car and the other foot hit the accelerator and just shot forward at full speed. My first question is why did she need her foot out of the car when performing that manoeuvre? That is barbaric in itself, she must have been seeing her leg the whole time and not looking in front of her.

Now we all live to have a cup of tea in a teapot at some point, living the good life. But what if the teapot was made out of chocolate? It would melt in the sunshine and you would have a big puddle on the floor surely. Not for a couple of York-based chocolatiers who have managed to produce one that held boiling water for two minutes to make a drinkable brew. What an achievement? That is not bloody easy to do that’s for sure. I wouldn’t want to see one on sale though, even if Nestle gave it a go.

That is all for this week, all stories taken for the news this week and all true. Please feel free to comment, share, like on anything you read this week. I might still think about doing this a few times a week, thank you Yahoo News Digest and thank you for reading this. This is David Snape saying “Laters for another week, see you next week.”