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Announcement time!!!

I have decided this weekend that I will be writing a story about a man with autism and how each year has affected him from childhood and the announcement he was diagnosed as having autism, till the adult years with all the obstacles ossociated with normal day to day lives. The book is going to be called Andy’s autism journey. I want to based the book on some of my experiences as well as hearing your experiences on autism so the readers can get more of an insight to what the condition is all about. The writing will be as Andy sees it so it will be half diary, half viewpoint into his mind. Tell us your experiences with autism, any life changing situation and I can use them to complete the story even further. I’m very excited to get started on the writing, please do comment, share this to as many people as possible and together we can make this story a huge success 😃

Huge Announcement and future plans

We have something special to tune in on SouthWaves Radio. My first ever radio interview will be on air later today and repeated tomorrow just before my radio show starts. I will be interviewing a former post of the week, Deanna Willmon and we will be discussing in detail the 5 steps of happiness which will reveal the results to a quick poll. This interview is suited for all ages and will help you along. I would like to thank Deanna very much for the interview and the fantastic answers, you can see her advertisement on this link http://deannawillmon.com/2015/07/27/whats-on-the-radio-southwaves-radio-interview/ 

You can listen to it today (Monday) from 9pm GMT/4pm EDT/ 1pm PDT

or tomorrow (Tuesday) from 7pm GMT/ 2pm EDT/ 11am PDT (stayed tuned afterwards for my radio show)

For my latest radio show tomorrow:

  • We take a look at how hackers can seize control of your car from an experiment this week
  • Russian Death metal and other reasons to laugh at ourselves as post of the week
  • How the drama programme ‘Don’t take my baby’ is similar to what happens to disabled couples having a child
  • Another quick quiz on who the heck is this?
  • The usual OMG stories and Awards section
  • Music from the likes of Mungo Jerry, Blues Brothers Alison Moyet and Jack Savoretti

You can listen to the programme and interview only on www.southwavesradio.co.uk 

As I have enjoyed the interview alot, this is now the right time to ask if you want to be featured in a interview with me. You could have a book that’s coming out, feature in a music band or just want to talk about your specialist subject. If you are interested in wanting to do an interview, you will need to:

  • Email me davidsnape2@gmail.com and put down what you want to talk about on the email
  • We can then discuss a time and date for the interview to happen
  • You would need a phone number so that my manager Jamie Dyer can contact you via Skype as he records the interview

This is something very exciting that can be a fantastic feature on this station, I shall look forward to your response.