My Radio Show and how you can take part

Here is a list of the various features that I do on my show and how you can take part.


We want to showcase the very best in people if it’s their talents or their business/charity etc… You can get in contact with me here or via email if you want to do an interview. Also enjoy doing the interviews.

New Artist Showcase

As well as playing a huge variety of music, we also like to listen to some music from artists/band who don’t get much play time or are brand new to the scene. 3 artists/bands each week, I will tell you about the band and the song that I will play. Each member of the new artist showcase will be open for an interview if they are interested. You can suggest a band/artist that might be interested in playing their music, there has been people mentioning different ones in the past and they have been brilliant.

These are what’s on the show and you can take part in any of them. To contact me on and I will reply to you as soon as possible. Stay tuned for brand new shows every Monday on Mixcloud and hope you enjoy the show.

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