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The Union by Shivank M

I watch as perspiration rolls down your outer shellYou tempt me, seduce me, make every moment hell

Your golden colour keeps catching my eye

I ignore you because I know I won’t be able to lie

I want to, need to feel your bitter taste

Every moment of self control suddenly feels like a waste

Slowly steadily the time of our union comes close

If I shall retain my coherence only time knows

As I drain you of everything, my clouded mind turns clear

And I’ve never been more content as I stare at that empty bottle of Beer.

Partner in Crime by Shivank M

She was there when I smiledAnd there in my tears

Cheering for my success

And consoling all my fears

A shoulder when my burden grew too heavy

A hand when I fell and couldn’t rise

An eye when I couldn’t pick one or the other

An ear when I grew tired of my lies

I loved her the same through all that time

But that love wasn’t one that one could define

It wasn’t the fantastical childhood Romance

It was the love for a Partner in Crime.

Heaven and Earth by Gary Bertnick 

Whether spread across the HeavensOr wrapped about the Earth

A rich blanket of Divine Peace settles

Most intimate hand woven tapestry of lovingkindness,

Powerful love that burns brighter than the sun,

A zealous fire in the eyes of our Maker!

From the pageantry of all Creation

To the genetic make-up of every human who walks His earth,

The words and thoughts and actions recorded for eternity,

Tenderness is felt toward each one;

Every emotion experienced

Each tear shed by a child,

Kindness offered while seeing the end from the beginning;

Knowledge of every fish and creature in the seas,

Understanding of all the birds of the air,

Sharpened perception of all the animals upon the earth,

Each and every life form, seen or unseen!

The breath taking beauty of angels

Also spread about His Heaven and Earth as brilliant stars above

Who also love and serve in gracious power and authority.