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David Snape Show 17.11.17

Welcome to another exciting edition of the David Snape Show, going to Bourne and Beyond with all of this.

We go into detail about the latest scam that’s been hitting this area.
Danielle explains why South Holland is the highest in terms of crashes relating to drink driving.
Your advertisements and events for the weekend and the coming week
Two interviews, first with David and Michael from the Bourne and Morton Cycling Club.
Second, with Daniel, Tim, Dave and Luke from the Bourne Cyclists group.
Plus plenty of great music.

Spread the word around and I hope you enjoy the show.

David Snape Show 10.11.17

Welcome to another edition of the David Snape Show, going to Bourne and Beyond with local news, advertisements, interviews and a load of great music along the way.
On the show this week:
We talk about remembrance day and another historical event that took place in Bourne during World War 1.
Danielle, the robot, will be talking about why are the great British shops dying out.
I will be doing a match report on Bourne rugby’s recent league match against Brackley.
An interview with Amanda Porter who looks after your dogs when you are busy.
A brilliant announcement that Samanatha Doughty has teamed up and we will do a workout with songs to match.
There will also be some fantastic music and advertisements throughout the show.
Hope you enjoy the show, there maybe a bit of a dance ending to the show as well.

David Snape Show 3.11.17

Welcome to my brand new radio show – The David Snape Show – Bourne and Beyond.
This is going to be a local show based around Bourne and surrounding areas. There will be local topics, advertisement and interviews for events, promotions, businesses, charities, clubs etc. We want to make this the number 1 radio show for Bourne and surrounding areas. On the show this week.
We take a look at a historic mystery surrounding bonfire night, with your views and advertisements for different firework events.
Our Robot co-host, Danielle will take a look at why people are getting the chance to catch speeding drivers.
We will have two interviews, one with Charlotte and Lucy from the Bourne Junior girls netball team
The other with Sharon and Martin Lawrence from Morris Softeners Ltd.
There will also be a great selection of music including a mini game and a new music feature.
Thank you so much and hope you enjoy the show.