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Just a Little Respect


Whether you’re a fan of Erasure or Wheatus (personally I quite like both), you’ll know that all we want sometimes is a little respect from one human being to another.

It’s been a bit of a year for me, employment wise. I’ve had a lot of let down. And when I say employment I mean as in I am a boss.

If you know me or have been following my blog you will realise that I have the sort of disability that means I have an assistant to ‘assist’ me in everything I do. Now I can use agency to supply me with this support, but for some crazy reason I decided to employ my assistants myself. I’m not totally crazy, my thinking is that I’d like to have a say in who I spend a huge chunk of my day to day life with.

My fussiness of employing my…

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Beyond the Feeders IV

Noellie's Place

Part I  Part II    Part III

Part IV Conclusion

An urgency to cross the gates threshold before it closes, floods through you. Losing the chance to find what’s needed to keep living is not an option. The growing cancer inside has become immune to the contents of a vial. The cure has been hoarded and contained for too long. It is time to fight for your life so you can live for the love you’ve been denied. The first step takes you to a second and then into a sprint in search of what you now know was the reason for coming here all along. You suddenly remember what you saw beyond the feeders while looking out of your window this morning.

No air.  No breath. Heaviness settles into your chest as you slow your pace when what has been waiting for you comes into view.  Looking through…

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Living Hope gives eternal eyes

As knowledge grows

As the soul knows more

Seated in the Holy Spirit near Messiah’s Throne

And then bowed in worship before our High Priest;

The human spirit now sees much clearer

Daily, prayerfully a little more so,

The heart easily embraces others

In words and deeds and prayers of love.

Praise is zealously offered

Always honor in worship of our Holy Father,

And our Glorious Anointed One

The Son Most High,

The Lord of Hosts.

A new life is freely given

To all who choose it

Freedom with silver Spirit wings to fly

Golden streaks as lightning from cloud to heavenly cloud

Caught up majestically in a heart that soars very high

And very far above the world;

A secret place of sensitivity to most delicate blossoms

Intricate colors and shapes

Precious perfumed fragrances that season and sharpen,


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