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Sipping in the Solarium while Snacking on Speckled Nebula

Espiritu en Fuego/A Fiery Spirit

Sipping in the Solarium while Munching on Speckled Nebula

Splinter Stories from the Hardware Store

Saga of JoyBaieda Rueine

Return of the Prodigal Daughter: Series Three

The Old Churchyard’s rough terrain was akin to the contents of an kitchen junk drawer and the neighborhood junk yard minus the dog.  Our planet was slowly but surely spinning counterclockwise to it’s Axis.  Bumping along like a car with a broken Axle.  The issues and problems with the malfunctioning Ancestor cards were becoming more urgent each passing solar revolution. She cringed when thinking about the upcoming meeting with JoyBaieda Rueine. Very little progress had been made concerning corrections  to the process.  Time was running out for Home Planet.

Female Ancestor from my Dad's side, Name lost to Time Ancestor known only to God.

Zahara the Sentinel carefully watched and observed all the scribes but the one called Jabez caught her eye for more careful examination.

The Lust filled doe eyed fool Emerson Skreech had made…

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5 TIPS TO WAKE UP @ 4:30 A.M

Direct Insights

To be productive, we must utilize the time we have and use it judiciously.

This also means a commitment to excellence which does not come by chance but by tactful planning and maximum effort.

I have compressed my wake-up routine into 5 steps to share with you and hopefully it buoys you to rise early and enjoy productive days ahead.

  1. “EARLY TO BED, EARLY TO RISE.” Go to bed early, 10 PM.

early to bed

  1. Set your alarm clock for 4:20 A.M: use the residual 10 minutes to allow your body to become more aware of external stimuli.

early morning feeling

  1. Keep your alarm clock far from your reach: this is helpful because you may be tempted to stretch out your hand and hit the snooze button😊.
  2. Wake up and stretch when the alarm goes off: this is the first thing I do because it helps awaken my body.


  1. Get out of bed and stimulate yourself…

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The Unseen Head

Espiritu en Fuego/A Fiery Spirit

The Unseen Head

Splinter Stories from the Hardware Store

The Silicone was a little too life-like even more so than the wax figures in Madame Tussauds on West 42nd Street near the Port Authority Bus Terminal. Even down to the round Charlie Brown skull the head devoid of any cranial or facial hair gave the aspect of a John Doe murdered corpse or a recently discovered bog man released from millennia into time.

The beak like hooked nose overshadowed a somewhat weak chin with the beginnings of jowls but bolstered by a piercing gaze of false eyeballs. Eyes that kept blinking and rotating throwing its caretakers off balance with the morose intakes and outtakes. A side show freak from an abandoned carny encased in double Plexiglas.

The Original building Art Science Museum dates back to over 170 years. The building had many uses during that time period. Built by prisoners…

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