About Myself and how I changed throughout the years.

(Update on 27th July 2016)

How would I sum myself up as simply as I can? I am just an ordinary 26 year old man, who loves his gaming, sport, work, friends and family, who wants to try his best everyday and doesn’t want to let people down.

I have autism but I feel like everyone else in this world, I don’t talked much bout my condition although it is something that will stay with my throughout my lives.

There are areas which i was more successful at like maths, IT and I do remember stuff but in terms of English or other subjects do tend to struggle, henceforth why i got a learning difficulty.

Throughout my early life as a kid, I struggled to find out who I was, I tend to be aggressive without knowing I actually do that and only eat bread and marmite, even at Christmas.

Education started off a struggle but education was always going to be a slow progress, speech on some areas like ch for example wasn’t very good at all.

Finding friends was hard and nobody seems to want to go near me. I felt all along, especially if I was invited to a kids party.

It was only till I went to a special school called the Priory school that I felt very comfortable and was starting to see who I really was. I will always thank the school to what they did to me.

College was an opportunity to find my own path and become more independent and achieve a grade in A Level Maths was a fantastic achievement as well as a C in GCSE English.

I have worked in a factory, a production operative, in food, in online sales and now as a post worker, a job with a long future in prospect.

Over the time, I feel more confident in my social life, through the help of work, family and Facebook. Even doing interviews for my radio show is a lot of fun and that has helped me throughout.

I will give up hope though. Most questions when I was younger asked to me was, are you gay? Are you a virgin? Well now I can say with a big smile on my face, I am not gay or a virgin, so there.

One of the reasons for doing these blogs is because there are certain things that is better said writing down and it makes you feel better to get them off your chest. Now it’s a showcase where people show off their writing talents to the world.

Overs are just for fun and to try and inspire other people. I will keep posting blogs about different things and hopefully make some people notice.

For more information about myself and the kind of music I like, I was lucky enough to be interviewed by the brilliant Iris. This interview I really enjoyed because it was honest talking and a great laugh. Have a listen πŸ˜ƒ

771 thoughts on “About Myself and how I changed throughout the years.”

    1. Hello David! It felt amazing to wake up and find that I have my first blog follower for “My Armor’s Kinda Rusty” … YOU! I am just creating the blog, so you may be my critique companion and encourager if you like!

      I understand the trials of autism because a baby boy was born to the family who lived in the house next to my family (about 27 years ago), who seemed entirely healthy until he suddenly developed strange behavior patterns. It turned out that Elliott is severely autistic and has never managed to develop any communication skills — except for extreme joy and signs that he is VERY distraught. I have little connection with that family now, but from what I understand, he seems to be happy in his community home with others who have similar special needs.

      YOU, my new friend, have incredible writing and communication skills, and I wish you everything terrific in God’s big, wondrous world!

      Have a blessed day!

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  1. Hello David,
    Just wanted to say thank you for being open about your struggles and how you have overcome the adversity you have faced! I will continue to catch up on all your post and radio shows! Thanks for following my blog and thank you for being a positive, inspiring young man! Cheers!

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  2. Hello David. Only started my blog fairly recently so very excited that you are amongs my first followers. I think you may live in USA. If so you are in (a white ?) winter while I am in Australia where today is ok, On Sunday the forecast is for 40 C degrees ! That in your language is 104 F. I hope you have a great Christmas and healthy (wealthy would be nice too) 2017.

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  3. Hi david! I was surprised honestly when you liked and followed my post. This is my first time writing in the web and I hope you like it. I would love to hear any feedbacks about my first post 😊😊 and keep in touch with you! Thanks a lot! Merci beaucoup!

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  4. Thanks for being the first to follow my blog. I noticed it is a pattern with you. You are doing a nice thing spreading the love and welcoming everyone to the blogging world. You are kind to give a spotlight to aspiring writers like me. With so much negativity on social media, your blog is a welcome change. Thanks for all the positive vibes. Keep up the great work!

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  5. I am a mum of a nine year old boy who has autism. It is so great to read your blog and your achievements. Sometimes as parents we focus too much on our own feelings and how we are affected. My son loves playing minecraft and he loves marmite too! There are so many different people in the world but we all have a part to play.

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  6. Hello David! I see that you are a regular follower of blogs, not just a first time snapper! So I looked deeper into your world and am charmed. Your authenticity and sincerity are bright shining lights in the world.
    I have many friends who are on the ‘spectrum’. One is an oceanographical sysmologist. One is just beginning to break into academia and is thriving at learning a wide variety of subjects. One is flourishing at music. One is looking to do similar work to yours and I will pass on your link to him. Some people think I should be there too, but I have no formal diagnosis.
    Thank you for increasing the GOOD on the internet.

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  7. Hi David, thanks so much for following my blog “mhchronicles.com”. I’ve worked with children and adults with autism and I loved reading your life story. Very real and inspiring! Keep sharing! πŸ™‚

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  8. Thank you, David, for sharing your inspiring story!

    I hope this finds you doing well.

    I see you have been a follower of β€œA Way With Words.” Great! Thank you.

    We have now transformed into, β€œDelight in Disorder: Faith & Mental Illness” (delightindisorder.org). I hope you will join us there. On the left sidebar, there is a box (below β€œGet More Delight”) for subscriptions so you can get the most of our mission.

    Take care & God bless,

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  9. Hello. I must say thank you for your blog. I am always looking for ways to show my young son with Autism that he will find a way to have an enjoyable life. Reading your blog helps me to show him the many ways he can find a space to be exactly who he wants. Thank you from an Autism Mum.

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    1. That’s alright, there are also videos about my autism life with various topics I discuss along the way. There are many exceptional things in life that you can go out and enjoy. Thank you so much πŸ˜ƒ

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  10. Thank you David, you inspire me. I know that all children grow up and are different in their own way but seeing you, hearing you inspires me as my son is on the spectrum – different than you as he is also ADHD but knowing that you have found your happiness fills me with joy. I can not thank you enough.

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  11. So, as a mom to a ten year old with Autism, do you have any advice for me? He’s very (sometimes dangerously) impulsive but also incredibly bright and creative…I want to keep him safe without crushing his spirit. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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  12. David,
    Thank you for following my blog, Straight Line Logic. You sound like an exceptional person, and from my son Austin, who is also autistic, I have some idea of the things you’ve overcome. I know from his experience that he can do anything he puts his mind too, and I would say the same applies to you. Best of luck and I’ll follow your blog.

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  13. Hello David,

    The work you are doing here is great.

    Thanks so much for the like on my latest post. I have quite an interest in autism. There is a chapter in my eBook on the topic of autism, vaccines, and the suspected connection with vitamin A toxicity.

    Can I ask you, how long have you now been eating only bread and marmite?

    Thanks a lot and kind regards,

    Grant Genereux

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  14. Dear David:

    What a tremendous spirit you have! In your “About’ essay, you wrote “I will give up hope though.” Surely, that’s a typo?

    Sending you my warmest and best wishes. ♥


  15. Even with your struggles in life, you still had the wits to go and create a blog; I think that’s a great message for others, about the idea of STARTING things! πŸ™‚

    A blog is a way to express yourself, and talk with other bloggers. I have no experience so far other than the beginning of my current blog, and a small “The Legend of Zelda” themed blog with my friends when I was like 10 years old, but I think it’s great to read yours, to see that starting something can lead to something as inspiring as what you’re doing!

    So great job, and I wish ya a good continuation! πŸ˜€

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  16. Hi David, you have no idea how special and happy I felt when I saw you as my first follower in the morning.
    From your writing and through the comments people have posted about you, it does feel like you are the sunshine people talk of having in their lives.

    I look forward to reading more posts written by you! πŸ™‚

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  17. Hey David.. I just wanted for first say thank you for following my blog. And that you are awesome! I love reading what you write and I can’t wait to see more of what you do. You are so positive and upbeat and I really love that. Thank you for being you! – K-

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  18. Hello! I found you after you followed my blog, and I have to say, I’m so, so glad that I did!! I’ve been peeking around your site, reading through the posts, listening in on a few of the interviews, and it’s such a wonderful place to be. I would love to be one of your friends on here. From this introduction you gave, I can see how positive you are about everything, and I could certainly use more lights in my life.

    Thank you for blogging, David, and thank you for never giving up. I’m happy to have read about you today.

    I hope you have a pleasant day!


  19. Great introduction, I can really relate to “summing you’re self up”, I just recently wrote my about page and I had such a hard time describing myself lol! I love gaming too, what type of games do you play? What console do you play on?

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  20. Thank you for becoming my first follower David. I am having a look around your blog and am really interested to find out you have autism as my 20 year old son is also on the spectrum so you have a lot in common with him, including your love of gaming. Take care and thanks again. Mel xx

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  21. Bravo on your courage and keep shining that light to educate those who “think” they know and for those who have a diagnosis but haven’t yet found hope. I believe you will serve them both well. I have worked with a number of autistic individuals over my career and most are merely limited by those telling them what they “can’t” do. Einstein showed them, Michelangelo showed them, Darwin and Newton showed them and I have no doubt you will as well.
    Thank you for choosing to follow one of my blogs. I do hope you continue to enjoy the posts.

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  22. Thank you, David, for stopping by and checking out The Paper Plane; I thought that was cool as hell and you truly brightened what was an otherwise challenging day. Great site, keep banging out content and stay positive because you are an inspiration and a rare gem of a human being. I will keep coming back to see what you achieve next! Thanks for lifting my spirits!

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