David & Christina Show Episode 35 Part 2 – Interviews with Ryan Murrant and Justine Charlotte Milne

Welcome to part 2 of The David & Christina Show.

When David Snape shared a post on our Facebook page recently, little did he realise that he would inspire Christina Groombridge to not only want to invite them for an interview on our show, but it has given her the confidence to want to pursue this for herself. To feel and look like a sexy mama. To be comfortable and confident about about herself and her own body.

In order to piece the story behind the photographs together, Christina talks to the photographer behind the camera. Ryan who has had passion for photography since childhood, decided through his business, to provide a personal package to help be a part of someone’s journey – to help his clients get gain back their self confidence and be comfortable within their own body through photography. Ryan also offers a diversity of photography services and packages that can be tailored to the clients specific requirements – from weddings, to family photos, to business marketing – anything is possible! Based in Bourne, Lincolnshire, Ryan’s work takes him nationally through out the UK. To book a free consultation to discuss your requirements or to find out more information, you can contact Ryan through his webpage – https://rm.photos/ Facebook page – Ryan Murrant Photography Instagram page – ryanmurrantphotography

Christina has the opportunity to talk to an amazing young lady, Justine Charlotte Milne, who is the sexy mama on the photographs. During the beginning of when the world was hit with complete lock down, Justine talks about her personal trauma when her mum suddenly passed away from cancer. Justine met Ryan when he too was going through his own difficult time. Ryan having only just having started his own photography business in February 2020, also suffered a trauma of his own. After having made the brave decision to change his career path in order to follow his dream and improve his mental well being, lock down hit. After the initial financial shock, Ryan decided to take his skills, camera & himself and started taking photographs of his neighbours standing infront of their front doors to raise money for charity. It was through this, Ryan met Justine, Ian and their 5 yr old son Archie. Having both studied photography, they learnt that they shared a mutual interest which developed into a friendship. Through ‘talking’ and finding out about the different photography shoots Ryan did, he inspired Justine to want to book a photo shoot. Not only did Justine do this for herself and her confidence but she knew that her mum would of encouraged her to ‘Just do it’ – ‘Be yourself’ – ‘You are beautiful’ – Justine was brave enough to allow Ryan to photograph her not only in her own sexy clothes but in her underwear. These amazing photographs have given Justine the confidence within herself and her own body to inspire others to do the same.

So if Justine has inspired you to want to do the same, please contact Ryan through his Facebook page where you can access Justine’s photographs. Or do you know of someone that deserves to feel sexy? – contact Ryan through either his Website, Facebook or Instagram page where you can purchase vouchers – Ryan Murrant Photography

Hope you enjoy the show.

David & Christina x

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