David & Christian Show Episode 33 – Facebook dating plus interviews with Keith Busfield and Short Sharp Scratch

Welcome to the David & Christina Show.

In the beginning chat, David talks about some of the new features that Royal Mail are doing to collect returned parcels. Christina gives her thoughts on the brand new Facebook dating and how you can deliver the perfect profile to help secure that big date.

On the Corona Diaries, David discusses his love for books and possible new ways to celebrate Halloween.

Keith Busfield makes a return to the show as he talks about another of his charities, Cards For Good Causes Stamford. This is one of many around the UK and helps support more than 250 UK and local charities. They will be having an open door very shortly, the perfect place to find the perfect Christmas card for all your friends and family.

David interviews Jak Chantler from a band called Short Sharp Scratch. Jak has worked alongside Charlie Adam and Steve Albini in the past and he also performed in high profile events for James Corden and Gordon Ramsey. He has worked with legendary artist, Jocelyn Brown during lockdown and had an amazing experience. We will also playthe bands new single ‘ Do you like it’ after the interview.

Hope you enjoy the show.

David & Christina x

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