David & Christina Show Episode 29 – First Look at COVID app plus interviews with Andrew Nebel MBE and The Great Leslie Band

Welcome to the David & Christina Show.

David gives you an exclusive look at the new NHS Covid 19 app and a potential flaw into it. He also goes into details of the new rules in the Corona Diaries. There is also a positive talking point about the importance of comedy during this pandemic.

We will also be playing an exclusive new single from the Herron Brothers called ‘High Risk’.

Christina has an updated interview with Andrew Nebel MBE. The PPG Campaign to stop the closure of St Mary’s surgery in Stamford is gathering momentum. MP’s are involved as is Lincolnshire CCG and hundreds are signing up to our petition ‘Better Primary Care – Save St Mary’s.’

We also interview The Great Leslie Band which features front man and former guest of the show, Ollie Trevers. He will be joined by Guillermo Campoy, better known as ‘G.’ The Great Leslie Band are a London-based alternative rock band, combining raw vocals with a rock n roll influence to produce a sound that will leave you wanting more. Following their tour in the South of France last year, The Great Leslie plan to share their sound around the world throughout 2020.

Hope you enjoy the show.

David & Christina x

David & Christina Show Special – Interview with Sam Thomas

Welcome to the David & Christina Show special.

Christina has the pleasure of interviewing Sam Thomas from the North East, who describes himself as a versatile music artist who looks to challenge himself in all sorts of genres where he lets his lyrics speak for themselves.

Not out on release until 25th September, you can hear Sam’s latest single exclusively at the end of the show.

Enjoy listeners, you are in for a big treat.

Love David & Christina x

David & Christina show episode 28 – going back to school plus interviews with steve francis, Michelle Martell & Andrew Nebel MBE

Welcome to the David & Christina Show.

We talk to Sofia and her friend Sophie about how they are getting on in their first few weeks at secondary school and how it is changed so much since covid hit the uk.

On the coronadiaries this week, David talks about the fear of failure and how we try to overcome this sense of reject. He also investigates how people are having problems getting a coronavirus test.

David interviews Steve Francis who is a professional DJ and keyboard player. He delivers an update to his live performances including being outdoors again and using over alternative outlets like Twitch, to get his name out there.

Christina interviews Michelle Martell. They discuss Michelle’s passion for recycling and reducing plastic packaging waste and providing sustainably sourced biodegradable products through her new business venture, The Eco Shop. Her ethos is to save waste from going to landfill/oceans and to offer an alternative way to purchase dried food without plastic packaging, This new up-cycled shop in Great Casterton is due to open its doors to the public in the beginning of October offering various dried food products without harming the environment.

Christina had the honour of interviewing Andrew Nebel MBE, as he raises a very critical concern about the patients group for the Lakeside Healthcare in Stamford. He wrote this statement down:

“The volunteer led Patient Participation Group for Lakeside Healthcare Stamford urges its management to re-consider the hastily announced closure of St Mary’s surgery and cancel its voluntary surrender of the lease that still has until 2025 to run. Concentrating all service delivery on one site will only work if that is a purpose built fit-for-purpose medical centre capable of handling all 32,000 patients … the failing Sheepmarket site is not going to able to cope once Covid is over and patients rightly expect to see their doctors face-to-face” ….says Andrew Nebel,

Chair Patient participation Group. He urged all concerned patients to contact their MPs, Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group, Healthwatch and South Kesteven District Council to air their views.He also asked patients to register with his patient group by writing to lhsppg.secretary@gmail.com so their voices can be added to that of the patient group.

Hope you enjoy the show.

David & Christina x