David & Christina Show Episode 25 – Pet Peeve’s plus interviews with Callum Brazzo & Rick Long



Welcome to the David & Christina Show.
David talks about his experiences with dogs and how it may not be perfect with the four legged creatures.
On the Corona diaries, David gives some helpful tips from a well known friend. Also he discusses the use of face masks in schools.
Callum Brazzo makes a return to the show as he gives his insights into lockdown and his personal experiences. There is a big focus on his relationship with Bethy as he reads a statement written by her as well.
Christina interviews Rick Long, an inspirational man who through a traumatic accident in 2008, has turned his experiences into helping others. His achievements includes competing nationally in motor racing championships and becoming the worlds 2nd strongest disabled man in 2016 & 2019. Rick changes his career into providing personal training and fitness instruction for able and disabled clients and sharing his story through mental health talks. Rick is on a journey to help Christina turn her life around as her personal friend and trainer.
Hope you enjoy the show.
David & Christina x