David & Christina Show Episode 23 – Mental Health stories plus interviews with Taxi with Strangers and Ian Tennant


Welcome to the David & Christina show.
Christina talks about her time on the beach last weekend with her family.
David discusses a problem with social media and the heatwave that we’ve been having on the Corona Diaries.
Christina interviews an Indie Rock band that formed in 2018 – Taxi with Strangers. Originally started off as a duo, founding members Jake Bellamy and Adam Murphy-Jackson took on drummer Toby Weatherill and Dave Morton-Jones, the new frontman. Now as a band of three – Dave, Toby and Jake are releasing their new single ‘Time’. It’s not often we get the pleasure of interviewing all the band members together. Very entertaining interview will an ending that made Christina’s day! 
David talks to Ian Tennant who is a one to one mental health mentor. Ian recently hosted Peterborough’s first mental health day. They discuss men’s mental health and why interoception is so important and how it can affect your body and the impact on having balance in the modern world. Really fascinating interview. An educational insight on mental health and one not to be missed.
Hope you enjoy the show.
David & Christina x

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