David & Christina Show Episode 4 – Corona Diaries and Interview with Julie Randall


Hello listeners, welcome to the show.

This weeks show is an extended show with new additions as well. David starts his Corona Diaries, which goes into him being a key worker as a postman and the daily changes that are happening with the government. The three entries this week covers Mother Day, the day after Boris Johnson’s key message and turning into a superhero.

Christina talks about her week of isolation with her kids and how she is helping the local community with the help of her van and Second Helpings as well. A true superhero she is as well.

David also does an interview with Julie Randall, a domestic abuse survivor who tells her story and how she is helping others in a similar situation.

Hope you enjoy the show and most importantly, stay safe out there.

David & Christina x

Bourne Gateway Club Party Mix by David Snape & Rob Grant


Welcome to the Bourne Gateway Club Party Mix. Myself and Rob Grant will each provide 45 minutes each of feel good party tunes to put a smile on your face. I will start things off with 45 minutes of well known classics from different era’s. Then Rob will take over with 45 minutes of non-stop songs from the 90’s. Hope you enjoy the show.