David Snape Show 28/2/20 – Is Maths my future plus interview with Christina



Welcome to the David Snape Show. On the show this week:
We talk about how my maths could be a potential pathway for future projects. We also discuss an inspirational man who has helped loads of people via his Youtube Videos.
As well as a great variety of music, we got Fleetwood Mac – Rumours on the Vinyl Verdict. Events guide and local amazing stories.
We also have an interview with Christina who we met via the Bourne Family Forum Mentorship programme. As we discuss our autism’s and how charities have helped both of us.
Hope you enjoy the show.

David Snape Show 21.2.20 – 3 interviews you don’t want to miss this


Welcome to the David Snape Show. On this week’s show:
We talk about mental health and how locally we are changing for the better.
We talk to Jeanie Barton, a jazz signer from Nottingham and playing her new single ‘Soon’.
Keith Busfield will also be on the show to talk about Second Helpings Stamford and the Queen Eleanor Cycle Ride.
And we have an interview with Trevor Dion Nicholas, he is currently playing George Washington in the stage play ‘Hamilton’ and is from the band Neighborhood Goliath.
Hope you enjoy the show.

David Snape Valentines Day Show


Welcome to this special Valentines Day edition of the David Snape Show. We have made some key changes to the show as we include more of everything. More music, more local content, more events, more amazing stories. More of the things you love.
DIdo – Still on my mind is this weeks Vinyl Verdict.
We will also have the amazing Emma Lannigan on the show to talk about Walk Happy and some amazing news about her business.
Hope you enjoy the show.