David Snape Show 20.12.19 – Top 10 songs of 2019 plus Alex Kennedy Interview


Welcome to the David Snape Show, your essential radio show for Bourne and the surrounding areas. On the last show of 2019:
I reflect back to 2019 and see how it has changed my life for the better, both radio show and elsewhere in my life.
We do a new feature called Local Focus where we take a subject and try to make sense of it all.
I run down my top 10 songs of 2019 and there are so amazing songs.
We do an interview with singer/songwriter Alex Kennedy.
Hope you enjoy the show.

17 thoughts on “David Snape Show 20.12.19 – Top 10 songs of 2019 plus Alex Kennedy Interview”

  1. Hello David, it’s Jane Muras here, I emailed you and you emailed me a long time ago, I am looking into radio for my son Zak, and wondering if you could help direct me to some learning tools to get into radio? Cheers Jane Muras from ASD Supernova 2 Shining suns

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      1. Look David Thankyou so much for getting back together o me! Zak Loves to talk, I have always thought he would e a great narrator. I have been thinking of Radio for a while now- I have introduced Zak to any different ideas. He loves computer games as well.

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    1. Hi there. Just want to say my son is really struggling at the moment. I think it maybe “the struggle with transitioning thing” again, new toys and new mental maps have to be formed. Also it has been so hot and I have trying to get him to ask himself to “HALT” feeling identifier ( am I hungry/Angry/ Lonely/Thirsty?) when feeling upset. He gets frustrated the loud verbal outbursts. He keeps on badmouthing himself and almost like it’s a verbal stim that he does to feel alright. Also he is going through routines he says he has to complete a number of times to “feel alright”. Anyone else got this- how do you deal with it- he is going into mainstream schooling 2020. Maybe things will calm down. I don’t know. Maybe he will just do these things at home and not at school? He was on Fluoxeteine but we stopped that as he thought it was not helping any more.

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      1. Gosh, bless him. Maybe see a specialists to see if there are anything else he could take. Mainstream school is certainly a big step for him and that will be a key insight into how his behaviour is.

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