Walk For Autism

I always have a think to myself from time to time, laying back on the sofa at home and think about new challenges I could do for the future. 

Having autism, doesn’t stop me for enjoying life and do something fantastic for the local community. Slowly but surely, using my autism as an advantage for future projects and spreading the word around. 

Over the past year or so, when doing my radio show, I have met some truly amazing people in that time. 

That has led to many opportunities to take part in local groups and even volunteer, a bit like volunteering every Monday night at the Bourne Gateway Club for example. It’s the value and what you put into the local community that gives me a buzz, that satisfaction which stays in you for a long time.

Last month, I noticed that my girlfriend sent me a message about a possible opportunity to do a walk for autism. 

It was basically to do 10,000 steps every day from Tuesday 26th March – Tuesday 2nd April, that coincided with Autism Awareness Day. 

‘Perfect,’ I thought, ‘I will sign up.’ Being the innovator that my girlfriend is, the ideas that she brings to the table kind of open my eyes and gets my busy brain working. 

She said ‘How about organising “The David Snape Show walk for autism” as a community walk type thing.’ 

Now that was something I would get really excited about, putting the idea into planning and into action as well. 

The weeks quickly go by and suddenly you wake up in the morning and the day of the event is today. Packing away various tools and essential info into my Great Eastern Run bag for such a glorious, nice sunny day, weather was absolutely perfect. 

With a perfect shade to keep us cool before the time went, we had around 20 taking part including children and dogs. 

It’s something about Bourne Woods that is stunning when the weather is spot on, looking round and just taking so many different pictures, it was absolutely wonderful. 

The event took round a hour and a half to cover the 5km route. It does make me smile loads, talking to new people, kids having the time of their life and seeing some wonderful sights along the way. 

It was a brilliant success and that got me thinking. We could do like a seasonal thing, one walk for autism for every season and raising money for a different charity each time. 

Everyone loves a walk and Bourne Woods is a fantastic place to host the event. 

In a more deeper thought, this goes to show that people with autism in the UK, in the local area, can make a difference. We do think differently and we may be sometimes the quietest of people you have ever met but having the confidence and power of positivity, you can do anything in this world. 

We could rule the world and show everyone that autism is awesome. Who says there are boundaries. 

At the time of this article, we have raised £111.20 towards the charity Autism Initiatives which helps with autistic adults and children all over the UK. You can click on the link below to donate to this wonderful charity: https://walkforautism.everydayhero.com/uk/david-s-walk-for-autism#

Thank you for everyone who has helped make this happen.

Have a look at my Facebook Page for more info about my radio show and how you could listen via: https://m.facebook.com/thedavidsnapeshow/?__nodl&ref=external%3Awww.google.co.uk&_rdr

17 thoughts on “Walk For Autism”

  1. Great minds think alike. Next Saturday, March 30th I’m doing a 5K Walk to benefit Queens Centers for Progress an agency that provides services and programs for People with developmental disabilities. My brother Stephen who has Autism lives in one of their Group Homes where he gets Excellent care.

    If any of your Readers or Listeners would like to donate Please use the Link.


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  2. David,

    My brother Stephen who has Autism and I successfully completed the QCP 5K Footsteps for Progress 5K Walk on Saturday, March 30th.

    I was able to raise $205 for Queens Centers for Progress which is an agency that provides services and programs for People with Autism and other developmental disabilities. Stephen resides in one of their Group Homes.

    Overall The QCP Footsteps for Progress 5K Run/Walk raised over $30,000 for Queens Centers for Progress.

    Fist Pump! Fist Bump!


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