Autism’s Best-kept Secrets: Response to comments on missing TN ASD child allegedly killed by father


Here’s the link, folks:

Click comments at the bottom to see people’s bewildered and often ill-willed, ill-informed responses. Or don’t: we all know what kinds of things get written in comments sections of news stories, and I, for one think they should be shut down.

Nevertheless, this story and the social response to it interested me in a personal level, and so down the rabbit hole we go.

No one wants to talk about the frequency with which autistic children are abused – nor the frequency with which adult autistic children in turn abuse their parents.

Autism has distinct genetic factors: a kid with autism is highly likely to have a parent, or possibly two, somewhere on the autism spectrum.

Tantrum behavior of varying degrees of frequency and severity is common in both juvenile and adult persons on the autism spectrum – across the entire spectrum, and IQ, education…

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