47 Things – Lilliana Anderson

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Published: July 26th 2015

Goodreads link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/24660943-47-things

47 Things - Lillian Anderson

Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed last week’s blog and are looking forward to reading this one.

When choosing to read 47 Things I couldn’t remember anything about it from when I purchased it ages ago. It was just sitting in my list of books that I wanted to read. So, I went into this book only knowing that something in the description made me buy it. I didn’t know who the author was, what style of book this was let alone what to expect from this book. Saying that, I found my heartstrings pulled throughout this book and was surprised by the turn the book took even though I guessed it ahead of the reveal.

My first surprise happened almost immediately at the start of the book when I discovered that this book was centered around a boy and girl in their final…

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