Love Blows

Merchant Writes Again

Magnolia blossom danced to the rhythm of my heartbeat as they fell gently to the moist forest floor—it is spring. I watched in admiration as my secret lover’s long flowing dress swept over the petals, meticulously repositioning each one. The time is now—time for our love to bloom. There is one problem though—she won’t even look into my eyes. Sometimes she comes on to me so strong but retreats as soon as I try to hold her hands. I desperately want to kiss her, but she’s too shy and unpredictable. Her uncertain mood makes it difficult getting to know her.magnolia-3296858_960_720She gets so angry when it rains, doing things out of her character. I wish she would give me a chance to profess my love to her. But she is too scared and prefers hiding. The only time I’ve ever seen her in a jovial mood, unbothered and relaxed, was…

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