The art of handling criticism poorly.

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Amy-1Amy is absolutely horrible at taking criticism.

Amy  Bouzaglo was the co-owner (with her fire-tempered, enabling husband Samy) and head chef of (the now closed) Amy’s Baking Company in Scottsdale, AZ. She became internet famous in 2013 for her outrageous behavior on her now infamous episode of Chef Gordon Ramsey’s show Hell’s Kitchen.

Click to watch episode – so worth it:

When Ramsey gives her what he calls constructive criticism (and what I call aggressively-dramatic-made-for-tv condemnation) she does…not…take…it…well.


In fact, Amy takes her poor handling of criticism to a shockingly professional level.

Ramsey: “The pizza was $%@&-ing undercooked.”

Amy: “I don’t think your pizza was undercooked. I checked it like I check all of them when it came out of the oven and it was crispy on the bottom and when I cut it it was crunchy.”

Amy-3Ramsey: “That’s your version. However, the bun for the beef burger…

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