Snowman or gingerbread man? A nice story about death.

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An eight-year-old daughter and her father accidentally talked about death the other day.

She and he were walking their dog Vincent around the neighborhood together. At one point, they started playing a game called Would you rather?

snow and ginger - 3snow and ginger - 2

During her turn, the daughter asked, “Would you rather be a snowman or a gingerbread man?”

Before the man could answer, his little girl gave him a serious warning.

“Remember, Daddy,” she said, “snowmen eventually melt.”snow and ginger - 4

“Ah yes,” he told her, “but don’t forget, gingerbread men eventually get eaten.”snow and ginger - 5

Her eyes got huge.

“Oh yeah. Hmm. Which is worse?”

“I don’t know, baby. What do you think?”

So the father and his child spent half their walk debating over what would be a better way to go: being melted or getting eaten.

“Melting takes a while,” she said. “And it makes you look weird while it’s happening.”

To prove her point she pretended to…

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