Clouds of doubt tumble about

As temptations and deception parade with false motives,

Though the Surveyor’s line runs straight and true

Still men rationalize about absolute Truth

Women compromise what they know

Even Sovereign and Holy Words written and spoken-

All out of nothing

In the Book of Genesis from the Father’s will

Creation through the Hand of His Son, the Ancient of Days;

And the Holy Spirit still moves over the entire Earth

Sky above and depths below

Nothing hidden from God’s touch;

A pool of crystal clear waters set before the Throne

And the Lord humbles Himself to gaze into it.

Falsehood rules and has become more than pandemic

Grounded in the “father of lies”

Rooted deeply in human nature

A man’s selfish motives, a woman’s base desires;

Even the best fall short as “self consumes self”

And both remain empty, spiritually dead

Lost in “nothingness”, forever!

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