NFL Network anchor Rich Eisen’s inspirational combine 40-yard-dash

Thinking Funny

If you think the 40-yard-dash at the NFL combine is challenging, try running it in a business suit.

That’s what 48-year-old NFL Network anchor Rich Eisen has done for the last 14 years for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. If you haven’t watched Eisen’s 2018 attempt yet, check out the video of his surprisingly smooth run where he clocks an impressive 5.97, beating out his last year’s time of 6.02.


Respectable numbers (his second-best time ever) for an almost 50-year-old non-athlete wearing work clothes.

But the fun doesn’t stop there.

His interview with St. Jude’s kid reporter (and patient) Bailey before the run is priceless.


When Bailey asks Eisen what he’s hoping to show people with his attempt, the older man’s answer gives every indication that he knows exactly how ridiculous his effort is going to look.

“Well, Bailey, I’m hoping to show people today what a 48-year-old man in shoes…

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