The Sun Shineth again!

As life progresses, we often realize either through the words of others or through self-actualization that there are habits we need to change for the betterment of oneself or for those we love.

But like it is said; the first step to change is acceptance. Because change in itself is  difficult. Change takes time. Change doesn’t happen overnight. Change is like a seed planted in the soil. Realistically, I am certain you don’t wake up the next morning with the expectation of observing a full grown tree bearing fruits. So why then do you expect yourself to change and be done with that habit overnight?

Be patient with yourself. Prepare yourself mentally and understand you will fail and relapse severally, and that is okay. Accept and forgive yourself when you mess up and, don’t be hesitant or ashamed to start over. Change is a process—a gradual process. Change isn’t exponential…

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