The patience that comes from God

A steadfast gift, eternal reward

In an enduring Presence within of the Most High,

A quality of life that only matures

Grows in knowledge more deeply within your spirit,

A fountain of wisdom that bubbles joyfully all around

Confidently along each of our unique paths.

We grow stronger while waiting

Love grows wider and deeper and longer,

The good seed planted in tender love

Swells and grows

Bursts up through the earth

A sprout unknown, unseen before,

The Seed Planter looks with satisfaction

Moves about in loving trust of the greatest harvest plan;

The proven ancient practice of the Master Gardener,

From the beginning fruitful in His work

As He walks the fields, gazes at the many rows

Plants graciously sway in the breeze

Continue daily to grow

To mature in all ways

Prepared for the joyful harvest

Waited on, for so…

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2 thoughts on “THE PATIENCE”

  1. David I can testify that waiting on God patiently always pays off. When our son with autism was not able to communicate with us, he was very aggressive at home and at school and we were told to put him in an institution as he may never be able to to talk or be independent. I ask the doctor ” are you my God”? I never stopped believing that God will make him talk at his own chosen time. Today at 27,he is very independent and reading at first grade level.

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