Chapter 08 – No leafs clover

Rough Path

Something pushed them from behind.

Henry slips and turns trying to get a grip.  His legs hit a rock but he manages to hold on to something.  After considerable effort he lifts himself up back to safety.  One on solid ground, he crawls and look around.  Laura is nowhere to be seen.  He heard her short surprised  “Ah!” when they got pushed, but where is she now?  Henry stands up panting and looks over the edge.  Deep down there’s only stone, foam and water.

– Laura! –

His call fades in the wind.  The first rain drops gently touch his face.

– LAURA! –

Henry turns to look around feeling increasingly desperate, walks a few steps and…  sees him.

A tall big man calmly standing with his hands deep in his raincoat pockets.  Wearing a doolichter, old fashioned shirt and dark trousers; he has deep blue eyes, fainting blonde hair…

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