Chapter 07 – We stand a chance

Rough Path

Maybe we stand a chance...  Tom Petty sings from the speakers.

“We still stand a chance, don’t we?”  Henry looks to Laura, she’s leaning her head on the window half asleep.  They drive the road winding around the foothills.

– If you fall asleep you won’t see the castle – says Henry.

– Uh? –

Laura wakes up slowly shaking her head.

– Where’s the castle? –

– Over there, on the cliffs – he says pointing to the top of a hill.  From the road, sea and castle are out of sight.

– Can we see? – she asks now fully awaken.

– Of course we can! –

Henry parks the car in a somewhat sheltered corner.  He handles a jacket to Laura and takes one for himself.  While she struggles with the security belt and her jacket, he opens the trunk to take a photographer bag with…

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