Vile Villains: Their Different Traits

Films, Falls, and Free-For-Alls

Why are villains so intriguing to me?

Not that I support what they do at all–they’re villains for legitimate reasons! But it is interesting to analyze how they propel the story forward in different ways. After analyzing three different Disney characters, I’ve realized that they all fulfill their  roles with specific traits. We’ll start with the most obvious:

1. An Evil Persona: Maleficent (1959’s Sleeping Beauty)

Ah, good ol’ Maleficent! Who could forget her storm-swirling entrance at Aurora’s coronation! With lightning and gusts of wind, you know she’s not one to be messed with. Like most villains, she certainly looks evil from her features: flaming robes, black horns, and ominous green eyes. But the thing I like about her in the coronation is how she subtely hints at hiding her plans…

Maleficent showing a devious brow before looking back at the Queen Yes, we know there’s something brewing in that head of yours…

This is the shot right before she…

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David Snape Show Easter Special 2018

Welcome to the Easter Special of the David Snape Show, your essential show for Bourne and the surrounding areas. As well as the best music, social media and events.
We have a special Easter treat for both fitness routine and Bourne and Beyond’s Greatest Hits.
We talk to Russ Horne and Jan Warren about the Rutland Neighbourhood Watch App.
And we talk to the presenter of The Craft Show, Ben Murray over a nice cup of tea.
Enjoy your Easter guys, hope its a great one for you.

A Word Fitly Spoken …

Reflections From the Heart

Re-reading this quote spoken to me so many years ago still brings up a sea of memories of a difficult place in time.

As you can imagine, I was going through hell. All along thinking I was alone, I never realized that God not only heard my cries, but He knew of my pain too! Just like the song goes: He was there all the time–and in my case–God used someone with skin to not only pray but to reach out to me in my darkest hour.

It seemed like forever that I was blinded and so discouraged; I really didn’t see a way out of my situation. But a neighbor, who quickly became a true friend, made me her business. She wasn’t condemning or pushy; she spoke life over me! She was caring and loving and wise beyond her years. She prayed much and gently wooed me back into…

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