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A great leader is also a decent role model – well, in public, at least.

Say what you want about the infidelities and power trips of JFK and MLK or the brash narcissism of LBJ and both Roosevelts, when the children of their generations read news stories about those great leaders never once did they have to ask, “Daddy, what does, ‘Blood coming out of her everywhere’ mean?” or “Mommy, is it really okay to imitate crippled people or pay hush money to hookers?” Those leaders of hundreds of millions of men and women understood that their followers not only counted on them to do their jobs well, but also to set an example of how civilized people behave.

Lately I’m learning that not every American agrees.

One of them (he’s a guy I don’t actually know named Kevin) said online, “You be their role model, not another man,”…

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What our eyes look at

On the Earth

In the sky

Along a river bank

Near a lake small or large

At the shoreline of a great ocean;

Yet, they often close and look within

To behold the mystery of who we are

Who we will really become

And what we already have become,

What is near, what is beyond our reach!

Courage, and understanding inner needs

What we cannot satisfy ourselves,

The soul and will must reach out beyond mere sight

Away from the daily races

The coming and going in this world

And its consuming ways;

Ah the beauty of a flower held

Colors and shapes, scent of fragrances

Useful purposes,

Even the fruit from nearby trees or vines or berry bushes,

As we look do we truly see

In something created

The dust from heavenly touches,

Work of the only True Creator

Who alone can…

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David Snape Show 23.2.18

Welcome to the David Snape Show, your essential radio show for Bourne and the surrounding areas. We have as ever some brilliant variety of music, the best events and social media.
Also we have the first ever intervals fitness session.
The book club makes a return, where i pick some fantastic books that i’ve read recently.
Danielle returns to read a short piece called Two Steps Forward.
And an important petition from Jane Peck that has been very popular recently.
Hope you enjoy the show.