What’s YOUR Impossible?

Thinking Funny

The opening shot of Lauren Woolstencroft’s Super Bowl Commercial shows her as an infant born with two half legs and one and a half arms.

My first thought was, “That poor little thing.”

Then, when the commercial tells us that the odds of her winning a gold medal are 1 in 997,500,000, it occurs to me I’m about to see how this ‘poor little thing’ won a gold medal, something that my four-full-limbed barely athletic body never even came close to accomplishing.

My next thought was, “No way.”

Then, we see her as a toddler walking confidently on two knees with her useless stumps trailing behind and the odds-counter suddenly spins to a still unlikely 1 in 486,336,204. But her gold medal odds continue to increase as she skis for the first time, crying, learns to dance the ballet next to full-limbed girls, determined, continues to ski even faster, now…

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2 thoughts on “What’s YOUR Impossible?”

  1. I like that you shared this and glad to see your blog is still going strong David. I must remember to listen to your shows! Apols for not being around enough to keep up-to-date with your happenings here. I’m not reading the full article you reblogged yet and this comment would be entirely inappropriate over there so failing standard etiquette and keeping all other conflicting thoughts to myself until I get over to the reblog place to consider it in full light of the story. Best wishes 🙂

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