What’s YOUR Impossible?

Thinking Funny

The opening shot of Lauren Woolstencroft’s Super Bowl Commercial shows her as an infant born with two half legs and one and a half arms.

My first thought was, “That poor little thing.”

Then, when the commercial tells us that the odds of her winning a gold medal are 1 in 997,500,000, it occurs to me I’m about to see how this ‘poor little thing’ won a gold medal, something that my four-full-limbed barely athletic body never even came close to accomplishing.

My next thought was, “No way.”

Then, we see her as a toddler walking confidently on two knees with her useless stumps trailing behind and the odds-counter suddenly spins to a still unlikely 1 in 486,336,204. But her gold medal odds continue to increase as she skis for the first time, crying, learns to dance the ballet next to full-limbed girls, determined, continues to ski even faster, now…

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