Really, You’re With THAT Guy?

Thinking Funny

A great leader is also a decent role model – well, in public, at least.

Say what you want about the infidelities and power trips of JFK and MLK or the brash narcissism of LBJ and both Roosevelts, when the children of their generations read news stories about those great leaders never once did they have to ask, “Daddy, what does, ‘Blood coming out of her everywhere’ mean?” or “Mommy, is it really okay to imitate crippled people or pay hush money to hookers?” Those leaders of hundreds of millions of men and women understood that their followers not only counted on them to do their jobs well, but also to set an example of how civilized people behave.

Lately I’m learning that not every American agrees.

One of them (he’s a guy I don’t actually know named Kevin) said online, “You be their role model, not another man,”…

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